Workshop Mods - Thoughts and Feelings

I’m interested in everyone else’s opinion regarding modded community servers. There are some obvious pitfalls with the way mods are implemented, most notably the requirement that everyone individually download each mod, enable it, and ensure the load order is correct.

I’m wondering, are there plans to allow dedicated servers to “push” mods down to clients without the requirement to pre-download and configure them all?

I run a dedicated server personally and would like to hear from the community on this. Do you guys prefer modded servers despite the pitfalls? Or do you prefer to play vanilla due to the hassle of setting up the mods?

Also, if anyone has any “must have” mods that they cant live without, or mods that they avoid like the plague, let me know. I’m genuinely interested.

  • I prefer modded servers
  • I prefer un-modded servers

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I don’t normally play in servers… but if I did, I’d prefer modded ones insert meme image here :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think it would be fair to vote here, since I don’t really play on servers myself… and there’s no “other” option for me to chose… so I abstain, so not to bias your results.

But honestly, I don’t see myself ever playing vanilla… there’s lots of stuff I’d miss from mods, like Pickup+, Pythagoras, Extended Progression (I hate level caps myself), and the higher stacking mod[1], and last but not least, an Archery fixing mod.

In summary, I don’t agree with many balancing decision in the game… so mods are the way for me to change the game in a way that I can play and enjoy it myself.

[1] stacks of 100 in inventory is such a PITA, coupled with the really bad inventory handling and searching, is annoying to say the least, at least IMHO. I advocated for stacks of 200 earlier in the early access period, since they line up quite nice with the inventory grids of x5 to make full lines of 1000 units, and descrease the clutering a bit.

I wouldn’t mind too much the low stack quantity if there was a way of seeing all items in the inventory grouped by class/type instead of by slot occupied… and if filtering were implemented better, with real custom filters that are persistent and reusable.

I like mods in any game, that’s one of the reason I like elder scrolls so much. But right now, the mod community of CE is taking it’s baby steps, So I wont be playing in modded servers these days, I’m looking for a better scene.

Anyway, I do like the Idea of auto-downloading and configurating mods, but I don’t see it happening in the next couple of years.

Personally I play unmodded hardcore PvP, and feel the need to have the a very solid and well understood set of ground rules between all the competing clans on the server. I dislike mods that affect core gameplay. That means no changes how item stacks work, and definitely no raises to the level cap. I’d consider myself somewhat of a ‘purist’.

But I’m also very interested in seeing what the modding scene for Conan Exiles will come up with. Pippi mod is extremely impressive, and it’s amazing to see what has been done with the game even before it was fully launched.

I’m in favor of a wider variety of crafting stations, such as stations that might be used to break apart armor into scraps. To me, that sort of thing is just something that the developers would have implemented if they had the time to do so. I’d also love to see more mods having to do with the settlement / civilization side of the game.

I think you touch on a completely different topic here regarding inventory management, but I completely agree with you. Managing containers can be such a pain. Its not the stacking though, I think grid based inventory systems are just a poor design choice. But we’re stuck modding stack sizes if we dont like it for now lol.

“fewer but more impactful mods” says it all. We only use 2 mods on our server. Pippi and Swift Elevators (because that default speed is horrible). I never like mods like “Pick it up” because it makes it too easy to just pick up your valuable base elements and run from a fight. Makes PVP feel kinda crappy. Although, raiding a base full of double stacked containers could be satisfying :stuck_out_tongue: lol

There are a few mods that do things I think should have been included in the base game.

in example
wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) wheel of pain
drag thralls in water,

that said I don’t care for over modded servers, a few quality of gameplay mods looks much better to me than
the big game changers or the cheat mods.

although if they don’t fix archery I’m going to try SP with an Archery cheat, and if that doesn’t work out…

I am sort of in agreement with TwinCrowns here. First of all I prefer community ran servers. Official servers usually are the ones that get hacked or become victims of zerg guilds. I also prefer “light” modding. Mods that fix some of the pitfalls of a game without altering the core experience.

Would still like to hear more feedback from the community on this if anyone would like to weigh in!

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