Workstations losing stability

Game mode: Online official | Co-op
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Sorry for my bad english and I hope you understand what I writing.
I logged into the game and must conclude that a tannery (with thrall and lots of materials), two blacksmith workstations (both with thralls, one named), a cupboard with lots of starmetal, a stove with thrall and a torturers bench (with thrall and three Fragment of Powers) is gone. Also I see that a grinder, a dryer and some boxes is missing.
The blacksmiths and the stove was placed close to each other but the tannery, the cupboard and torturers bench was placed elsewhere in my building.
There is nothing wrong with the building ( all walls, foundations etc) is OK. Its only the workstations and cupboard, the dryer, a preservation box there is gone.
I looked in the event-log and see that it all ‘has lost stability’. The workbenches has been there for months and the only new thing was a preservation box I placed yesterday close to the Stove. I used the Stove a lot yesterday, and there was nothing that indicated something was wrong.

[ The plan was to show you screenshots of the eventlog and “crimescenes”, but ‘New Users’ can not upload pictures. ]

Yesterday I placed a preservation box close to the Stove and I also placed two preservation box’ relatively close to the torturers bench.

First you had this Follower Limit patch. This forced all to reduce their followers and I guess many has used a lot of time to do that. Now we have to deal with loss of equipment, missing workbench thralls, materials, workstations and other random decay. Often with many wasted hours as result.

Will you please restore the lost equipment, thralls etc. Because this is a huge gamekiller and now I almost has lost the feel for the game since I event don’t dare to open the game, just to conclude that more hours of gameplay is wasted.

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i can fonfirm that this building was built a very long time ago and never had “stability” issues before.
Have they implemented eathquakes in the last update?
Joke aside, this building is not new and the crafting stations have been there for months. Why on eath it suddenly is unstable is a mystery and we sure hell hope someone at funcom will respond to this
i will hate to loose my most active clanmember due such an obvious bug

It is probably related to the overall building stability issue that has been reported elsewhere - if the build included any of the wedge shaped inverted roof tile pieces, then I would say the probability of it being related to this bug goes up to nearly 100%.

When they added this latest patch, they addressed the building losing stability part so that the build doesn’t fall, but I have the same issue that workstations placed in areas where the building would have previously become unstable and fallen are now causing the stations to go instable and be destroyed as if the building pieces below them had still disappeared. All the alchemy section of my current build is affected the same way and I can’t place any workstations there until they fix the underlying building instability bug.

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