World boss blocking on official

Yeah that not one they consider a block actually since its a one skull that drops a key- at least thats what im assuming

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths the players on public servers will go to dick each other in any way they can. Using any sort of perceived (real or not) discrepancy in the rules or their enforcement as an excuse in order to make the experiences of their fellow players utterly miserable.

You’re not teaching FC a lesson. You’re being dicks to each other. But that was the point wasn’t it? Crappy players being crappy for the sake of it.


Also putting here that I too had the exact same response from Funcom with regards to someone building over a boss spawn and the chest. They need to clarify their TOS / rewrite it properly and explain to the players what the heck is actually violating TOS.

Funcom’s server moderation:


Yep and im just here to show those who may consider buying the game , that those here trashing it all the time are a minoritiy.



…don’t know why I got reminded of that… :thinking:

3 skull and yup a key.

But funcom said we could.

Seriously I encourage everyone to find a world boss to make your pet before they are all walled up.

What world boss drops a unique item that isn’t in a no build dungeon? Which are against the TOS to block. Seems sort of redundant doesn’t it?

Personally I don’t think the admin at zendesk have a clue.


Nah. You’re just gonna get banned for that shіt. I’m not gonna risk getting banned to try to “prove a point”. It’s like trying to reason with a zealot – or one of the Toxic Positivity Horde here – they don’t care what you say or do, because they know they’re right and you’re wrong.

Funcom will keep enforcing the rules inconsistently, without offering any explanation in most cases. From time to time they’ll say something that doesn’t help or even makes things worse, and then carry on as they were while we try to make sense of the whole Kafkaesque farce.

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Go ahead do it and find out.

Working on it now. On PVE no one will report it so I’m safe.

CodeMage I know something has got to be done and all I can do is rabble rouse.

Quite wrong - i only play PvE and reported on PvE Servers.

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You and how many of your clan? Because just your report would never get investigated.

Depends if i come across your place on any of the servers im on and no im not coming to your server.

No this is garbage players looking for an excuse, and using a perceived mistake to justify it. Funcom had nothing to do with their decision to be a piece of garbage.

Anyone who does this will deserve their ban and we should celebrate it.

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Oh no, funcom said it was ok I have the proof, Too late to stop me now the octagon is half built.
Can ban me if they already said it was ok.

well on official, non pvp servers you can’t police that at all. It leaves players in the dry, especially considering, that world bosses are part of Battle pass challenges and in my opinion, that makes them actually unique.
So either remove them from the challenges or enforce their one policy. This way it is just inconsistent and confusing.
Especially as it was reportable and bannable in the past

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So are the mini bosses, had to hunt down 3 to find one that actually still spawned. But hey, they don’t even drop keys so they sure as hell don’t count.

That’s exactly why I think their argumentation is flawed. If they are part of challenges, the bosses become unique content themselves. But perhaps I am implying to much logic

Meanwhile I had the “Defeat a Sand Reaper Hive Queen” challenge, and I found a Corrupted Sand Reaper 1 Skull Miniboss… It completed the challenge :spaghetti: :catnobanana:

i will never report a thing untill they add rewards for the effort taken to report . either its a bug or a player.
i can sustain one server and play on another untill the player that has done the mistake decays. in the end 99,9% decay.

maybe when they add a proper ban system with warnings and proper guides of where to build or not , maybe then i will start reporting. untill then , i will not participate in a system so broken that has been weaponised.

they want my time, effort , and knowledge (coming from my experience ofc - since they write the code , but do not play the game to obtain it?)? they better compensate me… if not , why should i interfere?