World boss crates shouldnt give you duplicates

it’s been over two weeks since the beginning of the anniversary event. and after religiously running around rubi-ka from boss to boss, collecting gifts with multiple toons -after all that time- i have 2-3-4 of the same item and still not a single serpentine or ‘of the eight’ set on a single toon. again, its been over 2 weeks of running around.

this doesnt feel like a ‘celebration’, it feels like a chore.

if you can make it so the crates never give you duplicates, it would be a lot more exciting to run from boss to boss and step on imaginary crates.

i think theres enough loot in there to prevent people from losing interest, when you get a full set of armor you can just bring another toon, then another, etc. ao players have plenty of alts.

How bout you don’t give useless crap to us either, solja’s don’t use blades, engi’s don’t use beams, no one but traders and engi’s can wear construction sleeves etc, etc, …