World boss hit points out of control

World boss hit points is out of control. Went through half the durability of a star metal sword just to kill one of these things and it was a 25-minute ordeal. Hit points need to be reduced by at least 30% and its current state plus the items you get from the skeleton key or not as good as star-metal of equivalent so there needs to be a rebalance either make the monsters much easier because the items you’re getting is not really all that fantastic or give better items to compensate for the boss Challenge


What, you don’t like the old roll & poke?

Poke, poke, roll. Poke, roll, poke. Poke, poke, roll, poke, roll, roll poke.

Who wouldn’t want to do this for half an hour? I think it’s basically to give the bosses the semblance of challenge given the lack of decent AI in this game and boss mechanics in particular. I don’t expect CE to be Dark Souls but the current state of the AI is… disappointing to say the least. The devs have stated their intention to address this and give the bosses better fight mechanics (Oscar in the recent Q&A), but who knows how good it will actually end up, or when. Small consolation to us playing now though right?

For those on PC, there are quite a few different mods that reduce the boss HP. You’re certainly not alone in wanting this OP. Better items wouldn’t make them any more appealing to fight for me personally, I’d much rather they just actually be engaging & fun to fight.


on servers you are indeed screwed with the bosses, but if you play single-player there are a few mods that lower the HP & Armor of bosses, so they won’t take as long!

use traps with archers thralls in it… bosses get killed under 5 minutes. you know, we humans tend to find ways to make things easier or more efficient.

ill advice to use our brains…

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World bosses make good purge bosses.

but legendary chests should be chests awarded to dungeon completions. That is extremely conducive to routine “dungeon crawls” and is a gameplay loop in and of itself.

In those legendary chests should be random legendary, and a legendary repair kit, with either black or white dye.

Legendary weapons are pretty much junk anyway. In a game where every aspect is obviously balanced around pvp only any pve player should expect to be underpowered. They wont change anything unless it will effect game sales. Period.

not all of them!

Boss fight improvements are already in the pipeline. Oscar has talked about this twice in recent streams, the most recent being the Q and A last friday. They are aware and agree boss fights are boring when all they are is an HP soak.

As for the loots portion, I would like to hear some more ideas, as some of the stuff in this thread has some good points!

It wont be thought out. There are only 5k players left world wide. They will stop updates soon…
Love how they hid this post because it is fact.

I say, let them keep the game balanced for PvP, and use mods if you want to solo or PvE. But i do agree that the world bosses are just a time suck, and pointless at that. Which is one of the reasons why i use mods.

Yeah, you can do that. But it’s essentially just cheesing the bosses because they’re not fun enough content. I want to fight them!

not really ,. using my property to kill them , how is that cheesing it?

second option is to do it yourself, for that half an hour XD and wait for a possible change over the boss.

I guess it depends on one’s definition of cheesing?

Don’t get me wrong, some of the methods people have come up with to kill bosses are inventive and clever. I just consider them cheesing because they are without much risk and generally exploit the poor AI. But that’s not to say that cheesing is always a negative thing either, it can be a perfectly valid way to play a game. Who doesn’t sometimes stand on a ledge and fire more than a few arrows into a completely helpless mob, when close to death and out of heals?

Let me put it another way, I personally don’t want to use tricks like that, as ingenious as they may be, because I’d prefer to fight a competent AI in dangerous combat rather than exploit game mechanics in a way that reveals just how inept the AI is in this game.

Given the current state of things however, it is no wonder that people are coming up with inventive ways of reducing the tedium of boss fights. I actually admire the creativity and don’t mean to suggest there’s anything wrong with that at all, I just don’t want to partake in it. At one point I was considering building some archer traps, but just went to myself - nah, feels too cheesy, but that’s just me. Please don’t let my personal preference discourage you. Building traps is probably more fun than what I’m doing, mostly just ignoring the bosses.

Yeah, agreed, game is advertised as featuring single-player, so it’s not right to balance it exclusively for one game mode.

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