World boss tier?

Guys, I’ve been looking hard for an answer to this all over the web… I’m trying to take on the world bosses (croc and spider) in the south and can’t seem to do any damage to them. I have only iron weapons.
Is there a tier system like thee initially was with buildings (like its only vulnerable to higher tier weapons) or maybe a level limit? Or is it just that its HP is so high that the damage i doesn’t show on its health bar? (I sure hope not the latter)
Thanks for the help guys!

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It’s the same with end-game weapons. The devs just raised the HP by a million and thought it was a good idea.

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Usually the world bosses are balanced for level 60 (if you are good enough then maybe 40-50). It would be pretty tough to beat those with iron tier weapons.

I would recommend you to fight them when you get legendary level weapons (that will give you much less time to kill them)

btw Giant Spider is one of the hardest boss to kill in entire game.

here is my opinion for the difficulty of world boss. (1-easiest, 5-hardest)

1 - Demon Spider, Locust Queen, Tiger White
2 - Scorpion King, Undead Dragon
3 - Elephant Alpha, Crocodile Giant
4 - Rhino King, ReptileBeast Boss, Swamp King
5 - Giant Spider, Snake Giant


Yeah i quiickly realized the spider queen is something to stay away from. I’m sad about the giant croc though. He’s super slow and i really enjoyed smashing his big ugly face…
I can’t imagine how much hp that thing has if i can’t see any damage!

I made a hardened steel bow and about 400 razor arrows. Used a lotus potion to set my stats to 45 accuracy and the rest in strength and grit. Wore shemite armor, stood on a rock near the spider queen and just pelted the thing with arrows. Killed it in 2 mins

You shot 400 arrows in 2 minutes?

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literally anyone can do that with fooling any mobs. I don’t believe you killed a boss mob with arrow + bow in 2 mins…

I didn’t say I used all 400 lol

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you can’t kill a boss in current patch with 400 razar arrows with stteel bow anyway (even though it was legendary bow + 400 obsidian or dragonbone arrow, I would still doubt it)

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