World Boss Unnamed City

A strange thing happened to me today, I did all the bosses to collect some interesting items and strangely enough no boss dropped a legendary.
is this normal? does this happen often?
Thank You all

Nothing even in the second round of bosses no drop, not even The Red Mother

It is normal, bosses only have a chance to drop legendary items, just back luck :+1:

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@Desdemona perfectly normal. All you can really expect consistently is the power frags and usually a grandmaster repair kit of one sort or the other. And honestly when they do drop something legendary, finally, it’s usually disappointing. The Brute for the helm, Sword of Crom, commanders helmet and pretty much all the red mothers drops are decent. Everything else is kinda crap.

Maelstrom used to be a favorite of mine but now it has 0 armor pen :-1:

You beat all the bosses except the RNG boss :crazy_face:

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Perfectly normal. Perfectly maddening.

Then there’s the fear that you quit and the next guy comes along and gets two Final Breaths in a row after you’ve spent all day farming the Red Mother, only to yield several repair kits and fragments. :sob:

To my memory, I had at least one drop every 2 bosses and I don’t want to exaggerate but sometimes even to all the bosses.
unfortunately it’s been a long time since I’ve gone to the unnamed city . The need was born after the nemedian foundation problem, having lost everything…
@Onomog o yes they RNG is a nasty beast to defeat


Sometimes the RNG is so consistent that it doesn’t look random anymore. On Siptah I went to the northern docks where the “Unnamed City boss” skeletons spawn, killed all of them - and every one of them dropped exactly the same loot: fragment of power and five steel bars.

Unlikely? Yes. Possible? In an infinite universe, absolutely.

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It feels like if you make a bypass of 6 bosses in UC (not counting Brut, he has a higher drop rate, and Snake), then in about 70-75% of cases something falls from one of them. In about 25-30% of cases, nothing falls. And extremely rarely falls from two.
(made more than 200 rounds, this is the approximate statistics)

Exactly, that’s it now, some luck is needed as the drop rate has been lowered.

@Desdemona If you have any further questions, I recommend our:

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Have a nice day bounded one. :vulcan_salute:t4::blush:

In a word, that’s why things were changed.
To prevent exploiting resources.

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Yep it happens.

Even the skeleton key didnt drop off 2 world bosses ive faced in 5 + years.

Nothing is certain

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