World Bosses and Player Structures

When the last update came out a world boss and chest appeared where my settlement was. Without decaying my structure vanished a couple days after the patch. Is it safe to assume that if you build near a world boss spawn that your settlement will be removed by the admin? I’m wondering because it’s by far my favorite place to build structures and I would like to build there again after launch but I’m worried my settlement will be destroyed by the admin if I do.

You will be destroyed by other players, but depending on which server you play on official servers, this is prohibited by players, your base will be completely destroyed if it blocks something.

World bosses actually have Land Claim of their own, so I doubt you’ll be able to build there, period. This sucks, because Funcom got a little overeager with the field bosses, and forgot players need places to build a house.

Sorry you are wrong though. Somebody built a massive castle at the Mitra Oasis near the Den, surrounded the chest with a huge wall. The Rhino despawned and never came back. I built in the huge cave like place with a pool of water about midway up the western river, right where the boss Crocodile spawns (This was on my own single player, I don’t block stuff like that). If his base was removed, it was either a group of players, or the server admin of a private server not having it and taking the base out.

My base was in that same cave with a pool and crocodile. I didn’t even realize a world boss was suppose to be their until after my base was removed by an admin on an official server. It sucks because that cave is one of my favorite places to build.