World crazy. wtf?

what’s happening? My world tilted. Developers, should I tilt my monitor to play? It’s just inconvenient when the entire horizon tilts to the side

No Photoshop!!! Its original. Official pve server 1029 eu=)


Battlefield: Hyboria

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harsh world of hyboria :rofl:

Hah, I had this happen to me a few years ago, never was able to reproduce it though.

I assume you tried to climb something and ended up doing so at an odd angle?
That’s what i’m guessing is the cause anyway.

Restarting the game fixed it for me back then.

Out of curiosity, how may alcoholic beverages has your character consumed prior to these screen shots?

Locking on to an enemy fixes it

Happened to me as well a while ago

Wow that’s actually quite funny.

Sorry I know that would be super annoying.

If you drink a tonne of alcohol, does that correct it?


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