World Purge, Blizzard,Monsoon and more

Let us give the survival back in this Game

The Purge is Funny, but a little bit boring. What about a World Purge.
A big Army of Silent Legion Cross the World in North and attack everybody or asgarth mobilized his Army and attacks all base arround the City.
South the Black Hand and Pirates(jungle)wanders arround and try to destroy all base in Arena.

South have sandstorm, give North Blizzard and Jungle Monsoon.

Enemy npc have to attack immediately.
Bearer thrall needs a better use. He have to carry with me. Example he can carry 2k of Ressources more or less.
I want the crossbow back from the EA, not as fast as a bow, but armor piercing and bigger health damage but low range.
Smelting things example iron pot to iron bars, example 10 Iron Pots = 1 iron bar.
Dismantle old weapons or Tool and get the ressorces back, depends the life from the tool/weapon. 100% Tool = 50% ressorces back, depends from the tool life, more life more Ressources, less life, less resources you can get.

Alliance System or Friend/Enemy mark. For PvP is great if we can Mark Friends or enemy, our thralls attacks only enemy and we can focus enemy and dont need to change target Everytime.

Swim if you are online is ok but if you go offline in water and your stamina reach zero your body sink and die.

More ideas commin soon ^^

A blizzard and monsoon would be great I think and really add to the survival.
Even if the blizzard didn’t hurt you it could cause crippling so you moved slower as the strong winds and snow would prevent you from running. Would also be hard to see making it quite interesting.

And I agree the bearer thralls are not as useful as they should be. Give them extra carry slots or something at least.

And I have seen the cross bow in action on old youtube vids of EA and don’t really see why they got rid of them. Make them rare and slow but powerful and I would love to make some.