Wormhole and day/night cycle

I personally believe that the warmhole should be disappearing after it spawn all the wild waves it should spawn, so it still feels like an ANOMALY and not like something that is allways there for you:
“Ohh another beautiful day (or night), good morning wormhole”
“The night is comming but i don’t need any torch to light my paths on the dangerous lands of this isle, the light of warmhole is allways here to light my way”

If something is an anomaly, should it be up on the sky 24/7 ? It should probably not be like: Good morning Sunshine, so it can make us feel any of it’s uniqueness at all.

Second reason for wormholes to disappear is leaving the day and night cycle almost untouched. Do we still need a torch to see the monsters comming up on our faces from the dark if the “day” never ends ?

Another thing is that you don’t need a torch in a mastrom, which is at least somewhat understandable beacause the eye of the cyclone shines with the ominous scarlet light, but the lighting on different distance should vary (more than now?).


Nice post, made me chuckle :rofl:

Honestly I do not agree with the ever present wormhole with tentacles, I get what you are saying but it does not bother me to see it up there most of the time. To me it keeps that foreboding ominous feeling of “it’s watching…”

To the second point of darkness. I agree. Totally!
I love using torches, I like night time to be dangerous and scary. I even got the torch that never dies and its all kinda useless outside at night time. I would really love if the nights can be made darker. The glow from the abyss portal thing is cool but I would like if it did not affect the night time darkness that much.

:metal: :smiling_imp:

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Yeah, I’m a little disappointed a post like this gives so little traction…

I thought the Conan Exiles community would care a little more about day and night since this is a survival game.

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They care. Mostly, they hate the dark. And they hate having to use torches because it prevent using some of their favorite weapons. So for many, eternal gloom is better than occasional darkness.

I have a somewhat contradictory view on the darkness in the Exiled Lands - in many ways I hate it, as Kapoteeni suggests. But, despite playing singleplayer, I refuse to set it to always light or reduce the duration of the nights. I hate them, they’re often a total inconvenience, if I’m somewhere out in the world I’ll often ‘park up’ somewhere and just wait till it’s light enough to see (because otherwise I have a bad habit of falling off things…). But they’re an essential part of the immersion - nights are dark out in the wilderness, they can be scary when you’re vulnerable, inconvenient when you’re (near) invulnerable, but they always bring a change to the experience.

Cause of that, nights should n’t be as bright as day, it is just ridiculous.

Not only torches are useless but also lightning for the base.

Yeah and this experience is non existent atm :confused: it is becoming a casual arcade game if this continue’s

Don’t get me wrong, darkness is a real thing to deal with and can be annoying, but it is even more annoying when it is night but actually not a night.

Along with the armour cold and heat resistance almost being non existent

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