Worst decision in history 3.0 late in the game

Actions beget truth of intent.

Well it certainly seems that, Funcom once again does not hold true to their words. Instead what did they do that other game developers have done in the past.

Tantalize, paint an illusion of amazing expectations to be had.

Which fell very sadly short of…well good enough.

You know, that point in time where something is simply good enough. After testing the 3.0 on test live. I was very disappointed with the results. The game it still boring as hell. The game hasn’t really been changed to be better. It would have been better if 3.0 had done its’ release from the very start of the game.
An example similar to the actions that have been done by funcom so far.

Does anyone remember EnMasse Tera? Remember when they released content after content, painted the same amazing illusions that should such amazing content that would hype people up. But then once the content was actually released, it turned out to be nothing more less than a full disappointment. Then the battlepass system hits. The same thing that funcom is doing now.

I’m putting on my calendar that funcom’s conan exiles will no longer be online in the year of 2024.
That’s how bad of a decision process this has been. I feel bad for those that have spent soo much money buying into the DLC’s which also turned out to be just retextured slop and very unimpressive in the artwork as well.

This bomb dropped is actually worse then the dlc that released Siptah.
It does not seem that funcom is really doing to do anything impactful with this game any longer.

Cry harder. Just say you don’t like the update and go. Some of us actually like change.


I don’t understand what you’re trying to insinuate here.

Or should I say “eloquence for the sake of self-aggrandizement begets abstruseness”? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You have a right to that opinion, but I’d like to point out that the reactions of many other forum-goers are the exact opposite of that.

It’s worth noting that negativity is a lot more prevalent in these forums than positivity, and even so there has been a truly notable number of people saying that they’re excited about this update and can’t wait for it. I am highly skeptical about your claim that Conan Exiles will be dead by 2024, but I guess time will tell.


the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



I played Tera (so yes I do remember) when it went down some pretty dumb decisions, and nothing of the sort is happening with Conan Exiles in 3.0.

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Never understood the doomsayers that come out of nowhere to the established community and tell them that they should not enjoy the game because it’s doomed. I can understand such behavior when the game is about to release and you are trying to protect people from spending money on a bad game. Like, for example, there were a lot of people who predicted a quick failure for Anthem. But when the game is already released many years ago, the community is thriving and shakes in anticipation for the upcoming update, it’s simply silly to tell them that they soon will regret and the game will die in a year. If I am enjoying the game today why would you want me to stop doing this? I am excited for the new features and can’t wait to try them. Even if in the long term I will lose my interest in the game and get bored, why would I care about that now? Do I really have to give up my enjoyment today just because of a fear of losing it sometime in the future?

And more importantly… Why am I writing this in the first place?


Mmmm, I can see how a person might convince themselves that all these things are true. But I can’t figure out why a person with such opinions if true to themselves, would ever care enough to type them in long form like you did - or for that matter would be present on dedicated forms devoted to said game. Seems odd.

I do sometimes wonder how Dune will affect CE… So I guess it could be… Then again, depending who you talk to, CE died about 6 months after it released - LOL


If it were pre-Tencent Funcom, then I would be much more worried about Dune pulling all development resources away from Conan Exiles. Not that it can’t or won’t happen, but I’m more optimistic about it than I would’ve been before.

At any rate, even if there’s not a lot of active development going on by 2024, that’s still a far cry from “iT WiLL nO LoNgEr Be OnLiNe” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Forgive me if I’m a bit cynical about yet another doom-and-death prophecy for Conan Exiles…


What makes all this even worse, and should have expected nothing less, is that they didn’t even bother telling the truth to their modding community. In fact they lied and delayed with the illusion of promise promotting plenty of time to only 6 days. Not a full month but 6 days. That in itself is a total slap in the face for people that have made mods for free, not getting paid for it and are the sole reason why the game itself was worth playing after it’s first month of release to begin with.

It’s a very poor move.

They should have given them more time. So what to expect from this?

New players, new blood to the game. New experiences to be had for new players. Those that are avid love craftian fans, conan lore fanatics and grim dark fans, I can suspect will be least effected by this. It’s where they enjoy the game the most and I"m happy for them.

It’s the modding community that suffers most from this as the player base relies on them to keep them happy, no doubt getting constant bantering of complains and inquiries. Funcom simply did not think well on this decision for release. While the content itself is cool it’s release and time of release is not cool.

Unlike others. I never keep my voice quite. I will never sugar coat anything or be that yes man that simply sings a soft song of utopia. I’ll spill facts out as i see them dedicated forum or not.

People are free as they always are to speak their mind. I will never question their opinions either for they are free to them.

Try out pvp. Nothing better than a nice big group fight in Conan. Pve wise yea I can see it as boring but that’s just me.

hmm i don’t think the modding community as a whole will be disadvantaged by the early release, at all. it only will hit people who grew so accustomed to some mods, that they don’t want to play without them, because for the modders nothing realy changes if the update is released or not, they work with the same dev kit and the workload doesn’t change either.
and even those who rely on mods so heavily they don’t want to miss them, even those won’t be at an actual disadvantage, because nothing stops you to wait a couple of weeks to jump into it besides fear of missing out.

Honeymoon period should be over. CE needs to profit on its own feet and that means FC current dev resources move to new product and product support for current brands should be funded by that brand’s revenue. Welcome to corporate thinking. If it can’t sustain itself, it needs to drop off. Better to remove the dying branch than risk killing the tree.

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I know several modders, and they’re all pissed that Funcom dropped this on them. Thing is, they also all love this game. None of them is reacting to this by prophesying the death of Conan Exiles on the forums. Instead, they’re all hard at work trying to make sure their mods will be good to go on launch day.

So yeah, the early release will disadvantage them by making burnout more likely, but that has nothing to do with @Eclipse’s outrage. Those who actually give a shіt about modders will not be here stirring the pot and using the modders’ plight to make themselves sound more important and lend credibility to their doomsaying.

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Look - another whine thread predicting the death of Conan Exiles. Reset the clock amiright?

My group is overjoyed and ready for September 1st. New private server will be going up and we’ll be having a blast. As we have since Early Access.


not trying to put any shade on modders, quite the contrary. but i think at least some measure of that is self inflicted suffering by deciding they need to have everything ready to go on launch day. i mean i see the point, and as i said, i’m thankful for any and all work the modding community does, even though i won’t ever try most of them, i really appreciate the work they do. but guys, don’t burn yourselves out over a date, really, take rests, take care of your physical and mental health, it is more important, really.

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