Worst update of all time, and yes iam using shields since the beginning

I used two other mods that increased their attack speed and HP a bit, but they don’t work for me anymore :sob:

I am a little confused. I agree on the essential nature of perk 5 for all your reasons, but while the stamina does regen slower, it consumes slower and I can still roll/jump/climb as normal (can even double jump). For pack muling, it actually appears better to me. Perhaps I’m running some conflicting mod but I dont have anything running that I’m aware of that changes that perk.

In my experience it’s just super random now. I’ve placed a follower on the other side of 8m of lava where they ran back to me and back to their placement and took like 800 damage. I’ve also ran over 2 steps of lava where my (full HP T4) follower died.

HAHAAH I keep calling out the same few people for this too.