Worth coming back?

Hi guys,

With the covid-19 situation, got alot of free time on my hands. Was thinking of coming back on my paid toons, but i have one question.

Is there still a community out there? Last time i was logged it was splited with rk19, and it was like a ghostown. Was too depresing and i quit.


RK19 is still ghostown-y but there’s an all faction raid bot that’s been very active doing complete sectors (except S42) and complete Pande runs. Have to be 150 to join it. I think it’s “Berael” you have to text for invite.

RK 5 is chugging along with about 400-500 players-- I expect more now as we’re all in the same C19 boat. Indeed, been leveling my lowbie froobs and TOTW has felt like 2009 at times.

It is still the same, low population/ghost town. Unless you like playing solo 90% of the time then re-sub. Things happen on weekends and/or designated times so if you are looking for regular group play it wont meet your expectations (unless they are lower than AO’s population).

Both of the above statements are incorrect. It depends very much so on your timezone.

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Not sure what these people taking about. Last few days been RI vs RI or more PvP battles and tons of people on. If you were ever gonna come back to AO now is prob one of the best times. Tons of people on due to shelter in policies and being off work. Come back and enjoy the fun!! Normal server not the new one.


Oh look, the AO fan boys are out to naysay that the game isn’t in a declining or dead state. Please, listen to them.

lol if you wanna be toxic I hear lol is looking for trolls…He asked a question and I gave him a honest answer.

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Both servers have an active community, end of story.


Oh I am so sorry snow flake that I hurt your feelings with the truth (in relation to the state of the game). Please, tell me more how about how AO is more active now than at any point in time in its past?

Haters gonna hate, ainters gonna ain’t…

I resubbed yesterday. Found it incredibly busy with people running around everywhere. Pretty cool. The subway was packed with new toons. Reminded me of the old days. So much has changed, but that’s what makes it fun.


There is A LOT of people coming back.
Maybe if Funcom still alive it will be good time to do some promotional Covid-19 stuff (well not free because you know AO is your milking cow

Depends on your timezone. Euro is hopping, NA is dead.

I reactivated two months ago. Took these four screenshots in quick succession just now (Saturday 19:30 GMT+1):

Were around 40-50 clan and I’m guessing approx the same amount of omni (maybe a bit less) at tower war last night.

Forum is full of people trying to make it look better or worse than it is. Make a froob account and judge for yourself.

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Funny, it’s often the ones throwing the snow flake label around who fits the description most aptly.

I have never denied that the best time to play has been on the weekends. That is when AO is “alive”. Once again it still falls in line on what time you log in. Login in the evening US time, it will be a ghost town, no matter the day. Early morning-early afternoon is ideal. But to pay for a game to where you only play on the weekends because of low population during the week, cant be justified when you look at it. If people want to spend money go for it. If people find the game fun, cool. But to legitimately say that AO’s population is thriving or really active consistently is extremely misleading especially when someone asks how the population is. These factors should be considered, AKA the good and the bad.

There is no denying that there is some activity during the week, maybe you can solo some stuff, maybe you might get lucky and find a team. But long gone are the days when you can logon at any point in time and do something with a group. To also add, depending on where you are in the world, there very well may be a surge in players because everyone is staying at home because of this virus, but I seriously doubt that the kind of numbers brought on will remain after this incident.

You obviously haven’t play over the last 2-3 weeks. Since all the corona stuff the game has more population than its had in years, simple facts m8. Login and you will see…Until then stop saying stupid nonsense.