Worth purchasing?

I had this game on notify on Steam…is it worth the purchase?

I am a Howard Conan fan, but coming from Civ VI and WOW…

Its a amazing building survival game! I have almost 3k hours now. it has its ups and downs… I would suggest to find a good private community server. But if you want this game solely for pvp reasons you will be disappointed…


I played almost 1300 hrs. It’s totally worth. You can play alone against the environment,you can play on official servers or on private servers with or without mods. There are so much possibilities. Go get it.

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I actually have almost 0 interest in PVP. Could you explain why a private community server is good and what would make one good?

buy the game key from another company, you can get it for $15 prolly
Best $18 I’ve ever spent

it is19 on steam right now…and it sounds like it is a good buy

So if you are in it for PVE, then private is better–due to being moderated. The officials are free to play on, but because of trolls, get pretty bad. PVP officials you can blow any building up, but on PVE-C and PVE officials, people will build in resource areas, and quick travel map obelisks, not allowing you to get them (PVE means no building destruction). Since it is not technically preventing you from playing, Funcom doesn’t “fix” the situations. Only thing they get involved in is blocking the original first time login spawn points at beginning of game (perma ban from what i hear if caught) or abusive trolling.

So if you are in it for PVE, find a good adminned private server, and you will definitely enjoy it better.

Thanks!! How does one go about “finding a good adminned private server?”

Official servers are not moderated… so you have toxic players, people building walls across the whole map…

Private servers have active admins who can ban toxic players and moderate what is going on, hold events… also private servers can have mods that bring so much more to the game!

go to servers and recruitment on this forum. Put what type of play experience you are looking for. People will refer some options. then join and see if you like them.



Thanks for all the help!


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