Would it be considered griefing?


My clan started on an official pvp server (not naming it right now) and after about 2 weeks we attacked some Guys who had built close to where we were relocating to. They were apparently friends of the alpha clan and this clan came to help. Once we had killed them all they demanded the loot to be brought back and we could have peace as long as we didnt attack the clans that were in their alliance (this meaning 3 clans incl. Themselves) or they would come at us with everything they had. We chose to return the stuff and we initially got along quite well, they told us that as long we didnt attack them or their allies we were good. We didnt want to fight against 3 clans at once when we had barely reached lvl 60 ourselves, we are pretty experience but the alphas had been playing on the server for about year according to the Guy i Was in Contact with. Literally the Day after, their friends raided and stole a bunch of stuff from a smaller base we didnt use as much anymore, we werent mad when we found out but contacted the alpha to help sort it out, he told me that he would demand the stuff returned or that he would help us get it back himself since they had violated our peace treaty. The following night he wrote to me, asking if we were trying to be the alphas, which i replied No to because we simply didnt have the time for a full scale war that would last that long (since most official server alphas are people who exploit and/or have nothing Else to do all Day). He then told me that we had too much claimed land and that our main thrall base, which Was Near an obelisk, not right beside it, had to go because it Was unethical to build right beside the obelisks, which i agreed with, but since it right beside it, i told him that it Was not meant for war but rather for thralls, making it easier to get the thralls back instead of having to go to every single major thrall location to get a few thralls from the wheel of pain. And the land claimed Was just 2 outposts, a former main base and our current main base. He did not rply the next couple of days and we got attacked by someone not in their alliance, so we ofcourse hit them back. The wrote back one last time saying that we have too much claimed land and that we would have to remove it, i then told him the same thing about the land as before and added that the land we had claimed around our main base Was to protect us from our neighbours, the Guys i had written him about, stealing our stuff, who had also started building a wall, blocking our way to and from the obelisk. He and his allies plus the people who attacked us before, then attacked us and destroyed some of our main base before we found out. My friends managed to stop them and patch the base afterwards and I wrote him, asking what’s going on and why they attacked without notice, to which he replied, that it Was not without notice, we had had many warnings, referring to the conversation from before. And I told him one last time that it Was his friends that started the whole ordeal but he wouldnt listen. These 3 clans then proceeded to attack us at every opportunity and since they 3-4 times as many player as we are in total they can and do farm enough to endlessly bombard us. They have done this for almost a full week now and they do not seem to stop even though we havent done anything to them outside raid they will to us.
I will try one last time to get them to stop this relentless attacking but I will not grovel. I do not think he will stop unless we basically agree to becoming their slaves.
The reason im asking whether this considered griefing is their reasoning behind relentless and mercilessly attacking an 2 week old clan with the combined manpower of No less than 3 clans at the same time, when at least one of the clans has been farming stuff, uncontested, for several months at the very least.
P. S. The reason i dont want to give any information who or where they are, is because i want try diplomacy one last time but if it doesnt work and it’s not considered griefing then my friends and I are simply gonna stop playing the game because this kind of behavior is ruining the experience for us.
If you made it all the way down here, Thanks for reading through my little rant and I look forward to reading your opinion on the matter.


not griefing in the sense that they are breaking any rules or anything, but that’s pretty low. Lots of people on the forum are bored and would love nothing more than to come wipe lame alphas, maybe at least tag what platform u are on?

Yeah but I Was thinking that the fact that they basically are trying to bully us out of the server by constantly pounding our doors down and waiting outside our base outside of raid time seems at the very least borderline rule breaking. They have already made 2 of our clan mates not wanting to play the game that much.
Also thanks for actually reading through that long post

Its definitely not rule breaking. Ranges from harsh tactics to dick moves, but not rule breaking in the slightest.

I would try to connect with some other clans. Everyone likes a chance to take down the bully. Or like @Ranson said, recruit help from outside.

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Conan Exiles is indeed a barbarian game, it will be tough for sensitive people, so this scenario is very normal, I’ve lost the count on how many ppl I saw come and go after they got raided, just in my friend list, I used to see from 9 to 17 ppl CE back in launch time, now I barely see 1, 3 when updates hit.

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Is it griefing no, you joined a pvp server where the strongest tribe makes the rules. The best way to counter is leave the server, at first this sounds like giving up but by leaving you decrease the population which means they have no one to fight. It has been my experience that allied alphas get bored and will turn on each other. The ultimate result is empty server which nobody wants to play on. My tribe faced the same situation so we left, when I checked on the server 2 weeks later it had 3 people during raid time. This is the only way Alphas who like to bully smaller clans will learn. Let people build and let them challenge you, isn’t that why we all play?


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