Would it be possible to add air attacks?

So I just hopped on the current testlive build because I really wanted to mess with the new combat system (which is really good btw, Spears/Axes are my favorites, Javelins are neat too for a stabby weapon with a shield) and the one thing that popped in my mind was how much cooler and possibly better combat would be with the ability to attack while in the air.

I played on single player just so I could match what my current character on my regular live server has and so I could test some builds. I was trying out some of the perks and I’ve gotta say that the double jump perk is really fun to play around with. Being that a perk like this exists it seems like having some type of air attack would also make sense to go along with it, and how some monsters knock you in the air as well (like rhinos) it would be cool to be able to take advantage of it.

Maybe every weapon could have one or two types of attacks (for light and heavy) that would register while in the air, for example if you’re wielding a spear maybe you hit the heavy attack while jumping off of something and it does a impaling dive attack, or with a hammer you’d have a overhead slam. It would make fighting large creatures and PvP really fun, especially with the double jump.

If its not possible then maybe just allow the normal animations to work while jumping/in the air. Also spoiler about an achievement below, read at own risk.

I did notice in the achievements for the game there’s one called “The Tower of the Elephant” Which is to kill something by standing on its head. I’m not sure what the requirements exactly are but it seems like there would be some way to get onto an enemies head and step on it or deal damage to it. It doesn’t sound like it means to kill a normal creature or human by hitting it while on its head, seems to be that you’d just find a very small creature and step on it to kill it instantly (which sounds kind of lame IMO).


Down strikes would be amazing practical and defintely should be a later addition. Like they seriously have a place in the conan world, I cant tell you how many times someone does a leaping down (usually two handed weapon) hefty cleave a foe in half type strike.

The practicality of it would be amazing for anti-climbing/aka sieges.

The achievement is purely standing on a creatures back. Because alot of them actually have hitboxs. (Jumping onto a croc for example, Although thats more like bouncing, It only gets easier at creature sizes above crocs)

Yeah it would definitely be a really cool addition.

Also interesting about the standing on creatures back, I was wondering about it because the way its worded makes it seem like it requires stepping on it to kill it but AFAIK just stepping on something doesn’t do damage and if you’re on top of something currently you cannot swing your weapon (on testlive at least with the new combat).

Oh right… I didnt even consider that… Might have to use ranged to complete it? but still be touching the creature? I’m not entirely sure after you pointed out the testlive swings… haha >.<

You can currently kill a player on the live build if they are over-encumbered and you land on their head. Bop 'em like a Goomba.