Would like to see temperature mattering more on both maps

I have noticed in a very stand out way that temperature seems to mean much less than it did . I used to remember a great deal more what clothing you wore when you ventured out into the wilderness. Was there a mass complaint about getting too hot or cold and I messed it to the tune of the temp meaning next to nothing now ?


We used to make fun of the old system because it could be very immersion-breaking. You’re getting frostbitten? No problem, take all of your clothes off and you’re okay now!

I guess Funcom also felt the same way about it, and that’s why they changed it. Unfortunately, they made it matter much less. :frowning:

I don’t miss the old system, as it was, but I do miss the challenge of having to prepare and care about temperature.


I figure the given area be it hot or be it cold would come with its own temperature number that would need to be addressed with the correct type of clothing to keep from having negative effects towards your character.

Frostbite? Put on more clothes, obviously or at least warmer ones. No clothes you would die that much faster. The environment not the clothing is what you are trying to overcome. The Clothes should effect the body temperature but the the area was supposed to matter as well to a great degree. What ever possessed them to remove the threat altogether in the first place?? That makes no sense at all.

I always get the “Impervious” perk in vitality and wear the redeemed SL armor. I still notice the temperature fluctuate but not go to the extremes where it will hurt me. I’d imagine that if I didn’t have the perk or that armor that it would be dangerous to hunt for star metal or venture into the volcano.

Oh really? That seems like a bug or an oversight that should be fixed ASAP

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The way the temp is address now is very watered down compared to the original version of the game. Survivial depended on you dressing correctly for the area. Later the loading screen even warned you to dress for the weather. Now the weather seems much less important especially if you perk a certain way. Show me how you perk away burning to death polarbearing around in an area were the weather will eventually wear you down and kill you. I understand resistance but resist is not prevented.

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The main complaint was being tied to certain armors for the areas, not necessarily the bad effects. So they changed it. It now only effects water or food meters. I think hot you drain slightly faster thirst, and cold faster hunger…or something like that.


So, Not the same since launch, noted. I was here and this NOT the same as it was. Y

ou could still get cold inside if not enough fire. Too close or too much fire and heatstroke. The gear means next to nothing as it once did in respect to the speed in which you got hot or cold. Weather (rain, snow) used to matter more as well to temp.

At the time they didn’t want to balance the hot and cold to the armor because of looks being an issue, (fur not warming, etc.)

Different type of clothing should matter. Fur should make you warmer. Lighter clothing should allow you to be cooler as you body can bleed of heat. The player’s body is the point. No covering makes you cooler or cold depending on environment. Too much covering (thicker, fur, etc) should make you warmer or even overheat you.


That is a good mechanic and really good to know, but then you die from hunger or thirst instead of frostbite or heat stroke which enforces @Sairdontis’s main point. Doesn’t it?

I am not against many suvival aspects impacting your survivial in this game. On pvp servers the world itself seems to have taken a distant backseat of consideration when it comes to trying to survive in this game and this would seem too be even worse on pve servers where the Environment has been nerfed.

You can, but you don’t if i’m understanding correctly. As mentioned earlier, you can run around naked in the extremes and not die of exposure to the climate. I could be misunderstanding something

That is the way it is unfortunately many times. The temp out doesn’t seem to matter much at all as is used too.

Right. I agree it is more fun to have the environment affect you more. Hopefully they’ll keep working on finding a good balance

It used to be very cold in the temple and around it even. Volcano you had to be very careful of the temp to stay cool. Water was a must. Spicy food was extremely helpful also in the cold areas.

linen and light materals wick away moisture and help keep you cooler and protect you with headcovering from the sun overheating your head. Bottomline heat can kill you just as easy as cold.


This is relatively easy to fix. You assign a “warmth” value to each piece of clothing/armor. Then in colder climate you set certain break points for penalties or damage based on where you sit compared to the required warmth.

In hotter climate you just set low break points. Obviously naked would be 0, so only places that would require special help (eat ice, use magic items etc ) to prevent overheating would help.

Example Frost Temple:

100 warmth = no penalties
80 warmth, <100 = increased hunger
70 warmth’ <80 = increased stamina drain and hunger
60 warmth, < 70 = slight damage over time, increased stamina drain and hunger
< 60 warmth = high damage over time, increased stamina drain and hunger

So if each piece of epic vanir armor provided 22 warmth, then all 5 pieces would grant total cold climate protection.

Conversely, if you ported out of the cold climate to the desert:

<10 warmth = no penalties

10 warmth, <20 warmth = increased thirst

You get the point. You would need gear that has very low warmth to wear there, or use a magic item

Hope that makes sense, at least it does on my brain. Also, I realize I left gaps in my examples above (at exactly 100, or 80 etc)

Not really, since anything you wear per my idea would just add warmth and not “cool”. Just some items would provide higher warmth than others, ergo better for cold climates, but unbearable in warm ones

Its not very realistic, but the reasoning for the changes were people didn’t wish to wear stuff that didn’t give the look they liked. And with fast travel being a thing, people didn’t want to carry extra gear with them.

That crowd was listened to when the changes were considered.

It was super annoying to have to wear two wildly different armors and carry them both while you went from the coldest zone to the hottest zone (cold north to volcano). If it was more gradual or something, maybe it wouldn’t have been required.

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I understand, but this is supposed to be a survival game. Those elements are very diminished now.