Would like to see temperature mattering more on both maps

Yep. I wasn’t part of that crowd.

I would like to see a general revamp focusing on Survival. Since the subject of the thread is temps, I can give a small rundown of what I’d like to see.

I would like to see areas get classed into tiers. The tiers would be how extreme the temperature is as well as the general difficulty of the area.

Tier IV would be Frostbite/Heatstroke even with basic gear. Requiring specialized gear and points in Survival to get it below Extreme. Epic Specialized gear or Epic Gear and Survival would get it below Extreme.

Tier III would require Survival and basic gear to get below Extreme or Specialized Gear.

Tier II would require Survival or some gear to get below Extreme, but doesn’t get you into Frostbite or Extreme.

Tier 1 would not get above hot or cold even if naked with zero Survival.

Right now you can put on some epic gear and go everywhere. Any gear plus Survival (like 30pts) let’s you go everywhere it seems. That needs a change.


Yeah, its like they never invented folding of clothing or backbacks or tie on rolling of cloth or clothing. How about saddle bags . Though bottomline: Going from hot to cold and visa versa should require some consideration this being a survival game that should also be a given.

It’s probably a bit too manageable, but grabbing spiced foods or ice and making sure you have decent armor makes it reasonable without having to carry 2 separate sets of gear that can kill you within minutes if you forgot to change (or forgot them entirely).

So I would suspect that controllable fun trumped ‘make it tough to survive’.

Yeah, that seems to be a fairly delicate balancing trick - especially as the exact placement of that line will vary from player to player. My guess would be that ‘hardcore survival’ is probably more niche and maybe more players prefer the ‘light taste of survival’ where you need to put a bit of thought into it, but it’s not too much of a focus - either that or Funcom simply decided they didn’t want it to be too much of a focus in their game. That said, I still managed to die of frostbite about a month ago coming out of the volcano - didn’t even make it to my maproom - so there is still some survival to be done. I kinda miss the greater preparation required by having to take changes of gear etc - it felt more like a meaningful expedition - but I can also see how opening it up a bit more has its advantages too.


News: They seem to have updated this in the real world, too. I tried this when the temperature fell below -20°C.

I was not okay.

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Survival is one aspect of the game; not the whole game. Just because something has survival elements doesnt mean its the end all be all especially when the players in general don’t gravitate to that aspect of it. I enjoy pumping up the survival aspects of it which is why I use drachenfeles’s mods, but people shouldnt have to play “my way” in general because of a game label. Should we have a better thirst mechanic because its a “survival game”? A stool mechanic? Bathing so we dont get sores? How about random diseases which permanently cripple your player? Its all a balancing act with what will allow the most people to enjoy the game and that means features that annoy more than they excite are deemphasized.

If they are annoyed by literally (not hyperbole in current jargon) a 1/3 of the game that being survival then perhaps they are not playing the right game and not play a game wtih these aspects in it. Please don’t try to justify the loss of 1/3 of a game as a need for convenience. Just so it is clear Survivial used to be a third of this game.

But its not now and has gained players over time. There are ways to up the survival for those interested in it.

Do you have numbers on that? Or numbers on players who have left because of the change and the loss of the third. Lacking numbers that statement has no teeth.

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I feel far more people have left over bugs then any survival aspects. I also doubt people joined because of said survival aspects removal. The temperature system was an important part of the game. I believe it was only removed due to the previous system not functioning very well (taking clothes off to survive in the artic). We are posting ideas here because the feeling is the current system is a temporary “fix” and the system will return someday.


We will have agree to disagree on the removal of the survival or diminshing of the same as the reason as players coming to this game. I will agree that it seems to be a work in progress to restore the position it was designed to hold in the structure of the game .

Do you? Cuz conjecture is a two way street.

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Just a very large circle of friends many have left because the game doesn’t feel like a survival game anymore . But statistics that would stand up in a board meeting probably not considering they look at currency and not player numbers as hard .

Check steam charts. You’ll see a lumpy but growing player base since release.

But we can not know their exact reasons or if more temperature survival would bring more . Numbers are not that narrow of indicators. Aside from a listed opinions on the parts of the game and the enjoyment derived .

The added suggestion and feedback in this thread could increase those numbers but aside from the subject being brought up as I have for discussion and feedback we do not know why those numbers increased do we ?

We know the game didnt go in the direction of survival and we know Funcom incorporated feedback from the community. Thats not to diminish survival games; its just the way the game is going and it appears to be successful. Conan is still evolving so who knows, maybe you’ll get more survival elements as time goes on, but if you do get more survival, its part of a larger plan for the game and I doubt would be the focus of the game (the new events are clearly not in the survival direction). The best I think the survivalists can hope for is enough slider tweaks and the good will of great modders to mod the game in this direction.

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Or we can suggest and provide feedback on what we would like added or readded to the game which is what has been done. I also cautioned you on relying too much on raw data with no context. Players are not numbers and reasons why they enjoy what they do . They would need to give their direct opinion to know for SURE what they want. Of course they can purchase what they want but it could just be right on the line of what they want and just acceptable to them but not great in that they may not want to spend more or get more friends to play this game with them.

Mods are not always the answer and they are part of the official game. Modding the game is in many way creating a very different game from the original which is fine but not the base game which many players base their feeling and purchasing opinions on . Again would caution relying on raw data with no context.

I would have to agree with this. It would be difficult to increase anything trying to stretch a zero.

I would say because in general its not something that dominates here in the forum or in the questions posed in live streams and whatnot. Maybe if there were daily posts that involved a large number of players it would get more attention, but from what I see, it doesnt. I agree it COULD be done, I just get the impression its not being widely demanded. Maybe that can change, but I’d be surprised. In fact the game seems deliberately designed to lessen the survival aspects of the game as if its purely meant to be an early game threat that then is irrelevant at end game. For that reason, I dont think they will make it more survivalesque as time goes on. Just my take… and I could be wrong.

I’m not saying dont give feedback, I’m mainly saying “don’t hold your breath” and just because the game says “survival” doesnt mean that’s indicative of a hardcore survival aspect of the game. Many ways to skin that cat.