Would Raiding Be Better If It Were Changed To Be More Of A "Smash And Grab?"

@dorizzdt and @Wikkyd Your comments in another thread about how PvP right now is basically just nomadic zerg clans wiping servers in a few days got me thinking about this, so I’m curious about your opinion in particular.

Would it change raiding for the better if the existing system were changed so that:

  • By default, buildings are immune to damage from other clans and players at all times.
  • To initiate a raid, the raiding player or clan has to “declare” a raid against a target player or clan.
  • This declaration is to the game system, so it’s not something that the targeted player or clan is aware of.
  • While the declaration is in effect, the targeted clan or player loses the immunity to building damage from the declaring clan or player and (like in a purge) cannot build.
  • The raid declaration lasts for a very limited amount of time, say around 30 minutes.
  • Once the declaration ends, it cannot be initiated again against that clan or player until some cooldown period has elapsed.
  • The declaring clan or player can declare raids against any other clan or player during the cooldown period.
  • The targeted clan or player retains the ability to declare a raid against the player or clan that targeted them.

Do you think a change like this would improve raiding for the better and address the issue you were both eluding to?

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Hmm. The casual raiders I know of took about two hours to raid (my) bases. I was offline, so something like the declaration would help to keep people online longer for the duration.

Right now it’s more of a pick and pack for solo players. You know the clan will let one player have full encumbrance. (I learned a lot for being wiped several times, but I’ll stop there about it.)

What you’re kind of heading towards is the same as Eve Online kind of. You grab a fleet you shoot a keepstar, which then kicks off a timer which you then come back to finish off.

By starting the timer it gives the defender time to gather their forces to respond and defend.

Some of the biggest online battles occur with that system which lasts for hours (mainly due to time dilation).

To take that concept for Conan would mean impact of course.

Example a friend of mine and his wife like to join a server raid people quietly and be very nomadic. Constantly on the move making small bases. Now his/her experience would dramatically be impacted.

A middle ground could be the more clan members you have the more closer you get to Declaration game mode.

As in the end the problem is the Zerg has scale in both farming and fighting so any mechanic you introduce has to penalize the size not the solo or simply handicap it some way (much like horse racing)

Now there is a flaw … alliances … 5x solo duo clans allied to raid is the same as the Zerg clan in terms of impact … so there’s that issue.

I personally strongly disagree with this part because any decent base will last longer than 30 minutes, even if the players are all offline. If there is an actual team defending that makes the base actually unraidable

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