Would u please consider freezing decay timmers?

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I wonder if u even thought at least to freeze the decay timmers for communities that have huge issues (like console players)… At least untill the issues with bases not loading properly is fixed?


Great idea!
Will you please take this to “feedback” or as a request?
I have been running around Wonder Woman’s invisible castles just to make sure they do not decay, but will be safer just to know they will not until all is fixed.

i play on pc, i just happen to be a player and i can see the view any one that seen his base in such state and wants to unintsall game now
and by knowing programming prowess of fc i do not expect it to be fixed before timmers end and bases decay… so by freezing timmers will help these players maintain what they own and play again…
i am not on console though to demand it or make it a request… @Mayra , can u please rely this point of view to dev team plz?

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Hi there, we did extend Summertime decay rates until further notice as of earlier today.


AH yes the joys of online invisibility!

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