Would You be Interested in a Funcom Community Gathering at Gamescom?

Dear exiles,

Are you thinking of going to this year’s Gamescom in Cologne, Germany? If you are, would you be interested in joining up for a Funcom community gathering/mingling somewhere in town? It wouldn’t be linked to a specific game, but would bring together players of all our different games.

We’d love to meet up with some of you to get to know you out in meatspace, but we also need to know if you’d be interested in meeting up with us!

Get back to us in this thread if you’re thinking of going to Gamescom and would be interesting in a Funcom community meetup.


What is Köln

It’s a city in Germany. I dunno why I wrote it in the German way, instead of “Cologne”, which is what it’s called in English. Corrected it now. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Oh I’m in us and poor maybe some other convention lol

I am in!

I would if I could, don’t speak German and no passport but bring one to the states east coast next year at pax 2020 an you will be stalked by me!


Could be interesting, though I have no idea what my summer schedule looks like yet. But Germany is a manageable drive from my place now, so who knows (dun-dun-dunnnnn).

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I can’t go back to Germany, I still have enemies there. But I appriciate the offer.

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interessanter Vorschlag. Leider kann ich nicht in der Zeit, aber bis dahin ist es noch ein Weilchen und ich bin recht sicher, dass bis dahin noch ein paar CE Fans hier hereinschauen.

Ich wäre schon sehr neugierig auf euch. Das Spiel ist extrem innovativ und hat mich - trotz einiger bekannter “Widrigkeiten” gefesselt wir lange kein anderes vorher. Habe daher auch zusätzlich zu meiner xbox disc-version noch die DL Version und eine PC Version gekauft, um das Spiel zu unterstützen. Respekt!

Leider leider kann ich nicht…

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Id love to go but I spend all my money on your DLCs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just started new work. Heading back to germany would be amazing and amazing to see this. Not in the cards for me at the moment.

Lol ich spreche Deutsch und habst Familie en Deutschland, aber ich bin eine Amerikanische haha. An Otterzeit

We call the German town Koln in the US. Nobody spells a proper noun differently no matter the translation, do they?
I would never translate Shanghai as Kidnapping, or would I?

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Oh but they do. If I were to talk about København, no one would know what I meant. Write Copenhagen… still no one would know, okay, bad example.