Would you consider this against TOS on PVE?

If someone is purposely setting up a small shack as close to the no build zone as possible and having thralls kill the mounds berserker spawn? Like literally kill it with weapons so others can’t knock it out fast enough. Does this fall under spawn blocking etc.?

Case in point, someone did exactly this on my official PvE server. I’ve managed to kill a few of their thralls with palisades, but one still remains. I’ve even put a (partial) wall of foundations down to prevent it from running to its death, but one thrall still remains in the way that I couldn’t manage to kill. I even put a couple of my own berserkers with truncheons there, and yet the berserker is still getting killed by the remaining thrall. The player literally set up a small shack with a character camped inside it and they get on every other day it seems to just refresh. They’re literally doing it on purpose.

So again, is this against TOS?

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There is no harm, what so ever, in filing a report via https://funcom.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. It will be up to an admin whether any action is taken, if necessary, but try to include screen grabs and / or video as proof of what you believe to be the infraction.

But beware, by building, as you have admitted here in this post, you may be liable for action against you too, so may be take down your walls and pallisades to be on the safe side.

Good luck with your report.

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Wall isn’t big… it’s got a sign that says “don’t ruin the berserker spawn,” so it’s intentions are very clear.

That assuming that admins log in to verify. They can just send a picture of your wall close to their base. It is debatable

Hm… maybe I’ll take the wall down and leave my thralls… still, this is ridiculous. They’re clearly intentionally ruining the only good and somewhat safe farmable spot for a high tier fighter thrall. It puts a damper on many new players.

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It’s definitely crappy what they are doing but it’s up to interpretation whether it’s against TOS. In my opinion it is very much against TOS along the lines of “Don’t block resources”. They are effectively blocking an important resource.

In any case Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers are better thralls anyway, so as soon as you are able to you should get those instead of zerkers.

Something you could try to thwart the zerker-killers: surround them with placeables like cuboards. The placement and collision rules are much more lax than building pieces and you may be able to completely surround a thrall with cupboards preventing it from moving. Of course this is a very temporary solution as the decay time will be very short, but at least you can drop some cupboards, get a zerker, then pick up your cupboards.

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Interesting… never considered this. However, I’ve got lots of them. As I’ve said, it’s mostly for the other newer players. I’ll possibly have to try this for my own if I see one I might want.

On a related note, given previous feedback, I’ve opted to remove my wall and everything else. I also decided to remove my thralls. The reason for this is because their land claim is right there, plus a little extra space. There’s nothing stopping them from killing my thralls with palisades and just undoing exactly what I was trying to prevent. At this point, the only retaliation they could consider would be to build walls around me… which, given this dick move, it wouldn’t surprise me if they tried.

Temios are the best lol

Yeah, he’s not bad, but I like to fill my village with unique looking thralls, so I prefer berserkers and relic hunters.

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Well here an idea if it’s that close to mounds can you not Afro lots of enemies and draw them close to the players hit and kill it that way and if he has food or heal items on they it could take a bit but give that a thought if it helps

No, they’re pretty well equipped and clustered. They’re also too far to pull anything of real substance. They kill all the wights around pretty quickly. It’s quite unfortunate.

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