Wow another week-end same trick

It is the week-end and like every week-end stackers are back.
It is quite interesting to know nothing is done ( i have got a pettition pending since 3 weeks ago now about a 200 stacked nt cleaning towers site).

Despiste making us pay the full pay subscription for a 20+ years old game, i was wondering, are our bank information / personal information safe if you are not able to protect your game from 10 y old coders?

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All xploits are fixed, don’t worry

Edit: Wow 1 omni org have been stricked: Core (lewl)

Wow level 220 nt stacking towers this week

But GM don’t understand what i’m talking about

No Shit Sherlock a level 200 nt froob killing TL7 CT, might be legit i dont understand what you talking about :smiley:

Maybe i should drawn a picture to explain next time… it is the first time it happens on this server futhermore…

Got my answer 3 days ago!

Happy FC dealed with my petition !

Thanks for dealing with my petition, i’m glad it have been fixed (it is the same omni player with the 220 nt which doing stacked thing. Since 1 year maybe. Even now on not froob accound because he knows “not every infraction lead to sanction”.
Mind you, if you pay real money for subscription, i would be pissed right now

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