Wow, everything we wanted fixed got fixed!

Game mode: [Online PS4]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [NA]

thanks for fixing the half-dead login bug. seems like the game runs smooth now on PS4. or at least some improvement. haven’t had time to fully play yet but things look up for the first time in months.

really sucks that decay timer is back to 7 days though, why??? anyone know if XP has been fixed for building and such. leveling with a friend and they don’t seem to be getting much XP (i’m 60 so cant test this). guess we will have to check it out…

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Hey there,

We’re glad to hear the latest hotfix solved the death lag spike. It is our first step towards improving performance based on our community’s feedback :slight_smile:
More fixes are on the way, including the fix for crafting experience (which is currently included in our Textlive patch). We expect this patch to come live on all platforms mid-February (although it is just an estimate). You can check our schedule in this thread:


Are you sure we’re playing the same game? I tried to play this afternoon on an official server and performance was worse than ever. I’m sorry but the game is not running smooth on the PS4.


As far as leveling up ur friend I just leveled my guy after fifty it went quick I put a greater wheel of pain at the green city in the north an mounds of the dead just run through if it’s not a named thrall it dies Loki hit 69 quick an get a bunch of named thralls aswell

sadly i just logged back in to find ALL the bugs are in play again! half health on login, blood splatter on screen, and settings slider bug. sound/animation lag, and dancer not providing a buff. i have not even played past my base but expecting all the existing PS4 bugs to still be present… now we have 7 day decay.

did they back out the change (on the server? official PVE 3509)???

update (before thread is locked), ah no response to this comment, moderator only responds to positive posts now…


I quit playing months ago because of the rediculous lag problems.

My honest opinion? Return the game back to whatever was a playable state. All the added bells and wistles are worthless if you cant play the game. It ran fine back in may when i first started playing, and was perfectly fun.


I have logged into half health the last three days. Doesn’t matter where or how I log out. I play on a PVE official server. What I have noticed also in the last week is really slow load in of visuals in each new zone. I’ll walk into bases and have to wait for everything to appear. It never used to do this.

Just because you don’t get a reply doesn’t mean Ignasis didn’t relay your concerns to the dev team. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Are you talking about Conan Exiles on PS4 ?
I am curious because the Conan Exiles I play on PS4 since day 1 still the same totally broken game…after almost a year from launch.

90% of the game breaking bugs we had at day 1 are there.
Thralls still totally broken, one day attacking and following you, the next one standing as statues.
Bloody screen on log in, it has been officially fixed like 10 times, still there untouched in reality (laughable, really).
Constant stuttering (what people call lag or freeze) everywhere, the forum is filled with people describing the same scenario over and over again, since day 1, and very little (I am being very polite) has been done about, situation almost grotesque, reminds me of the first fps I used to play a century ago and my pc didn’t have enough RAM to run it, so every 30 sec freezed to swap memory, except this is a console instead, sad programming…period.

Items keep disappearing, decay counters random goes up and down, and frequently not consistent with the amount of pieces you placed a centimeter away.
Sand storms weather effect/sounds sometimes don’t load, so you get hurt with sunny clear skies.
Construction pieces and placables keep disappearing when placed in certain “Bermuda Triangle” locations without any system message.
Thralls keep falling through things and even through the very map terrain, being lost for ever…not to mention when you try to bind them and they skyrocket up high vanishing in heaven.

I can go on for pages and pages, literally, mentioning you massive bugs and general system glitches.
So, yeah, your post must clearly describe a whole different game, or maybe you are a Funcom employee selling us more beautiful hollow words, understandable.


Oh glad to to see you back to reality, commenting with my previous reply I didn’t notice this update of yours.
So, good news, you are not a Funcom employee after all :wink:


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