Wow, impressive new AI for Giants!

Look at this guy, limbering up for the fight.


he’s getting his yoga on :roll_eyes:

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I wish I had my video capture running right when it happened. He was actually bobbing up and down a little when I first killed him, which made me think of my Tae Kwon Do class back in the day.

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even so, nice catch bro

I’ve got one with an oblivious Rocknose. Derp.:grin:

@Aaron Just fyi, if either of you consider these bugs, please report them as detailed as possible to the appropriate bug subforums.

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there is nothing AI related about it

twas but a joke :slight_smile:

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Stuff like this ingame makes me laugh, as long as it doesn’t affect the game in a negative way, I don’t consider it a bug.

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Some people really dont get what this is about?

My corpses sometimes open themselves up to anyone passing by if you understand what I mean… :joy:
(i.e. head+torso normal; legs bent in a way that the feet are besides the head and such pictures.)


Or when you’re skinning a mammoth and it shoots off like a rocket 40 feet away from you. :rofl:


And Rhinos! I can’t stop laughing at them. Yesterday I was bow hunting them and the death shot made it launch right at me from 40 feet away. I got scared at first, thinking it was some new kind of attack. There was another time, when under a rhino, my death blow from daggers sent it flying over a hill. When I went around the hill, it was still movinng! It was in fact just riding on the back end of another rhino. It looked quite reproductive in nature. Rhinos are the best entertainment.

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I think I need to fight rhinos now.:rofl:

I was being attacked by a moose in the highlands and I am an archer.

While it was charging me I shot it and it flew through the sky, over top of a players massive base and landed in another players smaller base walls.

Who said seige warfare ain’t an thing.


PS. This was also during the holidays so we joked that it was Rudolph

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What if they were there at the time? Thick hide or flesh from above! :santa:


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