Wow...nicely done, Jens and Alex!

Jens and Alex, I know you guys probably won’t read this because I have somewhat of a reputation of being extremely upfront in my manner of communicating on these forums and I imagine you all wish I would just go away. My forthright manner has probably been viewed as brutal and overbearing at times by some. I’ve always believed in saying what I feel I need to say, venting what I feel I need to vent, I don’t believe in filters…they can confuse people as to where I stand, and I sleep just fine at night because I don’t lay there thinking, ‘I should have said this or that.’ However, I have and do admit when I’m wrong, but I’ll dig in and stand my ground if I believe I’m right until proven otherwise.

That said, I just watched the stream and I have to let you fellas know that I’m extremely impressed and have something of a new found respect for you. You guys were as forthright, thorough, and concise as you could be, you admitted your shortcomings and promised to correct them, you laid out a plan for future communication, and Alex didn’t pull all of his punches. I appreciate that, respect it, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Great stream!!! I hope you continue that level of communication and transparency with us.

Now I have a much better understanding of why you do what you do and your decision making process as well as some technical aspects of the game.

Thank you both for an informative and engaging stream.



I’m with you on this. After yesterday’s stream, I’m more confident about this game’s future - mostly thanks to the level-headed and sober explanations given by Alex


I’ll make sure they see it :wink:


Thanks BigDave! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:


I agree completely. I’d much rather have ‘hard to hear’ straight answers than “we can’t tell you” or worse, completely non-responsiveness to questions, concerns, and issues. Great job guys! Please keep up the good communication work.


And better yet they are standing for the design decisions for what is best to the game, not changing because city people are soft and want their conan game to be as easy as hello kitty online.

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A great point that I forgot to mention.

“You civilized men are soft; your lives are not nailed to your spines as are ours.” A Witch Shall Be Born, Robert E. Howard :wink:


i endorse every word you say there dave.

i am another very upfront and i know not always nice (but my criticism has always being honest and constructive (constructive if you are able to remove the angry parts of some of my comments, i do care about the game ),

so good job on that end, i was also pleased to hear that you guys are considering having different settings depending on the server type, (thank god!!!)

but hey!! still got some complaints funcom, (regarding server types and thrall limits being the same) but the stream was actually good, this are more informative much more than others…)

@Jens_Erik i am about to send you a question over PM. cheers

and happy friday


Great post @BigDave . As a home brew guy (both dungeon crawl board games and Tecmo Super Bowl 3 for SNES) my friends (mainly brother :slight_smile: ) and I have a lot of back and forth’s on what tweaks nd things we can do with the tool set in front of us. Hearing Alex talk about not just removing or adding a mechanic just because they can, but asking the always hard creative question of why is it in the game, and what value it actually adds to the experience, is refreshing and leaves me confident i will be buying the batch of DLCS for season 3 :).


Did you just copy-paste someone’s comment from Reddit? :rofl:

I agree 100%. I feel that I am probably a bit like you on the filter statement and the lack there-of.

I was extraordinarily frustrated at the patch and the quick release path they chose.

But not only were they transparent about it, acknowledge it, but are willing to work with us on a game that connects players and Devs.

I want to re-iterate and reflect your thoughts and the hotfix and even more so, the last Dev stream of real recognition and interaction with the player base was done exceptionally well. Calmed pretty much all of my frustration, and really was an excellent play by Funcom.

Alex and Jens, thank you for your efforts, you knocked it out of the park (and the rest of your team included) with the interactions with players and adjustments since the patch.

Great job and thank you for the excellent work.


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