WRITING CONTEST: #FanArtSWL - Agent & Season 2



In celebration of the newly released Agent Network and South African expansion we are hosting the second part of the #FanArtSWL contest.

This time around your mission is very simple. We are looking for submissions exclusively inspired by the Agent Network in connection with Season 2.

You need to create a piece of writing that sees one of your agents ‘somehow’ end up in the newly announced zone. How they get there is entirely up to you. Will your Agent’s mission result in an outstanding find or will they meet the fate of the Secret World red shirts? We can’t wait to find out!


  • Your story must tie in with the Agent Network and Season 2 zone (South Africa and/or the next zone).
  • Maximum 750 words allowed (+/- 10% accepted as well).
  • Entry to be submitted in Word format.
  • Each submission has to contain your in game character name and story title.
  • Only one submission per account is allowed.

To enter, you need to submit your entry to us via email:
Email it to beyondtsw@gmail.com

The contest starts: Thursday, April 27th

The contest ends: Wednesday, May 27th @ midnight EST

Once the contest ends, the judges comprising of Beyond the Veil podcast staff will then vote on the submitted entries.

1st place: Shiny Special Agent - Carter, Beyond the Veil in game shirt, Usagi mask
2nd place: Shiny Special Agent - Nassir, Beyond the Veil in game shirt, signet of Neophyte
3rd place: Signet of Neophyte, signet of Laceration, Beyond the Veil in game shirt

The winners will be announced on the podcast scheduled for June 3r, 2018.

By entering this contest, you certify that the work submitted is your own original creation and does not infringe on any 3rd party rights.

Entrants retain ownership of their creation, but grant permission for their work to be published/displayed (with credit) on Beyond the Veil’s official website, Twitch channel and social media.

If you have any questions or need clarification on any of the above, feel free to ask :slight_smile:


What does this mean? Only .doc/.docx?

If that is the case: For people who don’t own a copy of Microsoft Word, remember that you can write in Google Docs and use File -> Download as -> Microsoft Word (.docx) so you are able to comply to the rules.


OpenOffice/LibreOffice should also have the ability to save word documents^^


Updated the rules to include ‘accepting +/- 10% words’. We won’t be penalizing people for going slightly over :slight_smile:

If you’ve submitted your story already, feel free to adjust should you wish so :slight_smile:


Updated the original post with some of the prizes we will be giving out.


Oh thank god, i was reading through what i wrote and there was simply NOTHING i could cut out from it
or make sense like yoda in finish end :confused:


Don’t forget this contest will end on May 27th.

Still some time to think of a story and submit :wink: