Wrong name and image on two armor pieces

single player noticed (though probably on all versions), vanilla crafting
wrong name and picture assigned to two different gear pieces

the black corsair chestguard (by name) uses the gloves ingredients, and the black corsair gauntlets *by name) uses the chest ingredients. both produce the items named in the recipe name, but it appears the recipe ingredients are reversed from what they should be.

ie: black corsair chestguard requires: perfected light gloves lining, feline pelt, and ebony silk. black corsair gloves requires perfected light chest lining, feline pelt, and ebony silk, and the amount of the feline pelts is higher than the other recipe, usually a sign of the large pierce.

Was noting this as I am currently making a master list of recipes for personal and guild use.

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just noticed another potential error in recipes. the hyperborean slaver boots requires: perfected heavy boot lining, hardened steel bar (12) and hardened steel bar (12)…I’m assuming the latter is supposed to be another ingredient. this seems to be true of all of the recipes of that group (hyperborean slaver items in the improved armorer’s bench).

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Hello @Alassirana, welcome to the community and thank you for your submission!

Our developers are already aware of the issue with the Black Corsair pieces, they’ll look into it as soon as possible.

We’ll forward the information regarding the Hyperborean Slaver set’s ingredients, we’ll send note to the developers, as it might not be intentional.

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