Wtf funcom or admin

ok so I’m not being let into my damn pvec room (3515) I’ve gone into pvp with no problem but the damn pvec room keeps crashing game before letting me in. This started yesterday night, today I got on in the morning and checked event log and that said I kept dying of starvation but I never even made it past loading screen. I keep reporting with video to playstation but since it’s not happening on the pvp rooms I wonder if it’s the admin. Also wtf is going on with the new update, I keep getting stuck at obelisk after teleporting and I can’t even run around my own base without getting stuck on invisible stuff. Is this happening to anyone else or does crom hate me?

Hey aNt-WyZe,

3515 neighbor here. We’ve been locked out too. Mornings have been able to load in but anytime afternoon/evening seems to break the server. Here’s a couple other threads I’ve seen started to check back for any updates from Funcom.

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I cannot confirm about your server but for the others i surely confirm that crom doesn’t hate you only, but all of us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. One quick suggestion to avoid problems to the obeliscks. Always hold your weapon when you teleport and if possible take a thrall with you, because your body is teleported way before you see it and the npcs are attaking you way before you are able to react. So if you have a weapon on your hand you can defend your self and boost your thrall to finish the jod. Another suggestion if anything is peaceful to the obelisck remove your armor fast and put it back and then you will be able to start moving properly, plus carry with you cleancing brew now it is far to necessary.

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I’m always naked because of this and if I teleport in I’ll have thrall hold stuff, I’ve died enough at loading screen :triumph: and this is how they expect us to buy dlc what a joke

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