WTF is this? Exploit?

Happening on PvEc 3522 right now. Iv never seen this before (Grid 9/G) looking at the map I have all these Icons stacked that where not there before. (edit) I deleted the icons it was about 20 stacked…

I went to build stone foundations up to it and it disappeared… Wacky game…

Thought someone was building in the sky

The area around there is sorta default zone were Icons like to return.(few spots they like to stack on) I’ve had it happen a few times on its own, One of Updates did this to everyone.

Not sure about stuff in sky thou.

I’ve seen some thing up in air, as if they had reseted up there. Never a cluster like that.

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it was the oddest thing it looked like puffs of smoke from furnaces in the sky and the icons made it look more interesting since it was in the exact spot

Hey @SindeeSyringe, did all your custom markers move to that same position?

Are you aware if it first happened on your first login after the patch?

Sorry been away afew days…

These where all new markers. Im not sure of the timing as I only noticed it when I seen the “smoke” in the air. So to say if it was after a patch I am not even sure.

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