WTF! The map is 9 days old! Closing off Map Areas


Crystal clear! Thanks for explaining it patiently :slight_smile:


Welcome to Minecra…I mean Conan Exiles.

I had this elaborate thing written out but I realized that arguing with someone is gonna be pointless… I hope all of you who want a reslove to the land spam get what you want :slight_smile:

Glad you got it. @Narelle and @CodeMage were more confusing than A M. Night Shamalan movie. :wink:


As long as servers like this are left without moderation people will continue to find ways to crap all over them. It’s a sandbox game and you cannot give players the freedom of all the game systems and then simply tell them they cannot do certain things based upon some arbitrary rules.

It has to be made not possible to do these things, but how? It is not simple, because then you are removing the sandbox freedom of the game.

This person has taken the “Dominate” a little bit too crudely in terms of claiming their stake. If it were an actual base this large, most people would probably think it is impressive. Though it appears to be a waste as it is now.

I think the fix should be not the same for all servers. I think Funcom needs to take off their baking mitts and throw away those cookie cutters to get crafty and excited with ALL THE POSSIBILITIES even the vanilla game settings can offer.

Make PvP servers that wipe once a month. Bring back the PvP Blitz idea and do like weekly wiped servers.

Make some PvE-C servers and PvE servers with insanely cranked up purges that increase in difficulty with the size of buiding. (Size of building is literally total number of connected pieces).

Screw that! It’s taken me over two weeks just to gather the supplies needed to upgrade my base. Wiping a server is not the answer. The decay timer does pretty well at that however, there needs to be some type of upkeep or something. If you built a base this large, land claim and all, you’d HAVE to farm and hammer away all day just to keep it up or it should decay rapidly after so far from … I don’t know…Your bed could be the anchor? Something.

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I agree, a server wipe is not a solution. Instead I would suggest a separate server list with that option, for those that like it to enjoy.

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Meh, clearly neither of you fully read my post.

These were:
a. hopelessly addictive
b. the best combat to watch
c. good combat to participate in
d. a great way to stay in shape

With the new, more balanced :tm: combat, I think 30-day Havoc servers would drive viewership and game interest, and increase overall players playing.


Alright, it wasn’t clear to me that you meant “new” servers.

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I have championed this and been told, they tried it early acces and it was a fail. But like you state, the game has changed ALOT since then, and I believe there is a market for them, both current playerbase and new/returning playerbase.


I would love to see a 4-6 week server type. Where you log into the game and it puts you in 1 of 8 sub Biomes (based on current online, it would balance where). The catch is the Biomes are green screened . after 2 weeks, 2 of each combine, and all those clans become 1 and clan rank is based off of NPC kill points and farming points, leaving 4 divided Biomes, then after 2 more weeks all biomes are opened to each other, meaning slow build to the final conflict of 8 mega clans The forced spawn would be only on first creation, then that would be your “desert spawn” if you don’t have a bed or bedroom.
Cons would be have to change resource spawns to try and keep a balance. And making the green screen “work”.

This really is an Affront to the Gods. And that’s the only solution for this sort of thing. No Mod can save you from what Gods should govern.

Hey man it’s pvp people have to land claim so they don’t get trebbed you know how insanely op their range is and go through bubbles it’s very hard to survive on siptah mostly apex bases . There is zero in game structures

Maybe if they made a portable siege weapon that could instantly nuke foundations that don’t have at least 1 wall built on top of them, this whole thing would stop.

Although I’m sure there’s some sort of context I am missing that would make that unfair.

It would be neat to see Encumbrance builds come back as Siege-men of some sort.

A battering ram? A back mounted Ballista? A momentum-lock deployable catapult?

Even if it only blasted Sandstone and Floatsam it would be a great improvement. I would like to force anyone doing land claim to have to spend far far more to accomplish it soundly.

You could have tiers of Siege weapons, but they become less mobile as you move up.

On the surface that makes sense, except that the more likely outcome is that the trolls would just start throwing a wall piece onto all those foundation blocks. Would slow them down a little, sure, but now you’re forced to deal with a labyrinth of one section high walls covering the landscape.

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I would prefer a official admin that is able to check the servers for griefers.

They can’t do it on their own but when someone is griefieng someone should be able to hold E on the foundations that abuse the building system and choose for the option to report directly.

Then this official admin should be able to teleport to the reported location and judge if the person who is griefing should be banned.

Eventually the griefers will die out since there is no point of doing it anymore.

Fast acting is the solution.
Restricting building will restrict the advertised sandbox game and will harm players that want to build a big base. Those few players shouldn’t be punished because of griefers… in my opinion (the maps are huge there is plenty of space, but there isn’t space for griefers).

Griefers will add just a few walls within the limits of building restrictions.
If a roof has to be added as well… they just simply add a roof too.