WTH can you do to get around the "not enough contact with the ground" garbage?

This is just absurd. Black ice foundations 6 wide, 10 long and 2 deep. Fully stacked from half way in the ground up. Can’t place a freaking stable on it because it doesn’t have “enough contact with the ground”. I’ve got 2 more stables on carbon copy platforms that placed just find. I’ve destroyed and replaced blocks, logged in and logged out, yada, yada, yada. Is there any other technique for getting around this typical ■■■■■■■ blunder?

Wait Fail com is seriously a censored word on the forums? Is that a “needn’t say more” type of moment?


Can you put some other placables work benches chests or anything else you can pick back up. Might be like some of the other building issues where substituting a piece will clear it up.


In my experience, this happens if the center of the placeable stands in the joint line between two foundations.
Try a 7x10 and see how it goes :^)


I suppose, the shift+mousewheel funktion and the middle mousebutton to autoalign are known to you…?
Besides that, I know the problem and feel with you… :woozy_face:

I doubt this will work but no harm in trying.
I had the same problem when placing the water fountain you get from Mitra. I was able to place a large carpet down, place the fountain on the carpet then remove the carpet without the fountain disappearing. The same thing when trying to place a Fire and Hearth. I wanted the fire dead centre of three walls but it would only place if the fire was touching the joint of an adjoining Foundation, which was off-centre and looked sht. I had to painstakingly place a small carpet down so that only a tiny bit of it was under the lip of the fire (I couldn’t remove the carpet without the fire disappearing like I did with the fountain). Yeah, the “no contact with ground” crap is infuriating…
I’ve had your “carbon copy” problem lots of times when building roofs…4 corners EXACTLY the same. The building pieces ‘snap’ to 3 of the corners but not the 4th.


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