"(X) has lost stability" bug, I lost 6+ months of progress *Rage intensifies*

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I’m getting really annoyed really fast here, I’ve gone through all the past bugs, etc, lost multiple maps/saves, but thought this time would be different, I can handle the weird bugs like “falling through the world” or randomly dying in god mode or the multiple, multiple 34878 errors, but after working on a fairly largish build (around Telith’s island) for over 6 months and having every building/decoration I’ve placed lose all stability and consequently break after another 34878 error, well, you can imagine my frustration, and before you mention it, I have turned decay off, as I just play offline single player.

The game crashed while I was building and as there are weird texture/rendering issues atm with some people (myself included) I thought it was just loading the buildings slowly as I could see some thralls etc that were floating, but as I got nearer the buildings they were basically despawning, and all chests, vaults, etc dropped all the things in them

Can someone on the team here tell me what the hell is going on, and what is being done to fix this, is it caused by too much stuff/buildings, Is there a build limit on ps4? if so maybe list that somewhere visibly in-game or something, or is it just that the game is buggy af

I know at this point the save is basically gone, If it helps I have all dlcs etc

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Spend months building, gathering resources, and organising
2.Play through the multiple bugs and crashes
3.Lose it all after another crash
4.Shed a single tear for all the lost work

Had the same thing happen to me after a crash. Thralls in mid air. Chest loot in bags on the ground. Every single item lost stability. I was so bummed and just started a new game.

Now I uploaded my game save data to the PS Plus cloud as a backup. I’ve been overwriting it every few days now. If this happens again, I can download a save and hopefully only lose a few days progress. I suggest trying that.

Hello @Animus75, it’s unfortunate that you’ve experienced loss of game progress due to a crash, as these might result in database corruption. We are constantly addressing crashes for all platforms, so please make sure to send all the crash reports you get through the PS dashboard when these issues happen so our team can get a hold of it and look into the cause.

There’s no building limit, although going over what your hardware can handle ( which depends on the platform ) will result in poor performance and possible crashes.

As suggested by Ghawor, using the cloud save functionality or even backing up your saves to a usb pendrive might be a good preventive measure to prevent further losses.

In any case, we’ll register your report for the developers to look into.

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