X2 harvesting on official servers

just read that you are changing from x1 to x2 on pvp servers, am i the only one that hates this?


Majority of ppl hate this change but Funcom keeps locking threads about this.


Because saying things like ‘majority’ is an assumption with no fact to back it up. There are people being loud about it? Yes. Does that mean everyone hates it? No. I for one love the change. I’ve played on a 2x private server that mirrors what FC is doing and really like it. I’ve done the 1x thing and don’t have a problem with it, but on a PvP server, I see benefit to this change.


I just found out about this as well, and I really dislike it, all my friends are not happy about this either, why there is only 1 option for pvp servers ?

I have nothing against 2x, for whoever wants to play it the easy way, but why not give us option to chose to play what we like?


Please define “majority of ppl.” Please present your metrics / data. I am doubtful that you are correct on this.

From my own personal observations (only today) - the preference has been pretty balanced between x1 people versus x2 people.


The Majority of people like this…

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If is balanced between 1x and 2x, then why are we ALL forced to play 2x? There has been normal servers for so long, now there is absolutely no normal speed servers anymore.

I can’t answer that. Only Funcom can answer that.

If I needed to make a wager, I would suggest that they are trying to make as common / limited / vanilla a start as possible. After launch with PvP at x2, they will likely continue to evaluate. If feedback for x1 is still significant, and pops are strong on x1 PvP private, otherwise unmodified “official-lite” servers, perhaps they will consider it again, and determine what the right balance of servers are.



Private servers should not be an option for this, some of us, will never play on private for obvious reasons.

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Source please? Thank you.

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There is a Dev post about this.

Sounds really good.

each to their own, hope you like jar spam though cos a 4+ clan could easily farm 100+ jars a day, it will be no problem. my clan is going to clean servers fast considering we are 10+ players…

+1 for 2x harvesting!!! Thank you Funcom! I hate grinding for materials. FYI, the majority of players support 2x farming.

Then on a x1 they can make 50 and still blow up your base.

And when that is done it take dobbelt the time to rebuild it all again.

So yah x2 is fine.

Most of the people who like the 2x harvest its probably the solo players with one friend, who think this will make it easier. This however will only hurt the solo players, not the clans.

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how can x2 grinding back resources hurt solo players? x1 for solo players would take literally double time to grind back lost stuff. Its clear that FC had this decision thinking about the more casual players who doesn’t have a lot of time to play and spend more time farming and not enjoying the rest of the game.

I’m glad they let the 2x for PvP servers, to hell if big clans can farm more explosives, let them waste it! I rather farm back faster than spend more time doing the mundane job.

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I don’t solo play. I play in a large clan on Official PVP. It has nothing to do with that. I just hate having to spend half of my brief available play time chopping trees and busting rocks… If I wanted to spend so much time doing that crap, I’d be outside landscaping my yard… At least then I’d get some exercise.

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We’re currently going in the direction of leaving Harvesting at x2 on PvP servers. This will not change for tomorrow’s launch, but in the future if we need to make adjustments, we will. Thanks!