Xanthic Death pet is NO LONGER EPIC

GM Yowie suggested I post here about this issue.
my character: kelelin
POM level 80, Saga
After a patch, my Xanthic Death pet, upon being summoned, became non-epic.
I am posting this in hopes devs will correct this.
My husband has the same issue
his character: Templarsky
DT, level 80, Saga.
Please help.

I paid money for a package containing this pet. Do i get any money back now that it’s not worth paying for anymore?
Why are the devs wasting their time doing stuff like this when there are other pets that can add waaay more damage to a players output than this pet could ever do. This is extremely discouraging, why would i ever get another package from you again after something like this?
You’re going to just nerf whatever i buy after i bought it i assume? So what, i have to pay you again for something else to replace what i already bought?
You don’t alter products people buy after they’ve bought them unless the people purchasing it are having a problem with it or you’re improving it for everyone who bought or uses it.
How about i come over and replace your car’s engine for you with one 1/10th the size, eh?

Why don’t you guys, instead of messing up peoples purchased items, go fix that terrible UI or gullah, or any number of a hundred actual problems in the game…?