XB1 Exilemania server

Hey everyone I’ve got a fresh PVE/PVP server that needs some people. Server is named Exilemania

PVE weekdays - No PvP or building damage, just get ready for the weekend. You don’t drop anything on death, NO one can loot your body and your character leaves the game when you log out.

PVP weekends - you drop loot on death, anyone can loot corpse and your character stays logged in. Avatar summoning is only on weekends and avatar lifetime is 45 seconds.

4x Harvest
4x xp
Low stamina usage
Max crafting speed
Max clan size is five
Admin is raidable.
Normal purge.

Server has two admins both with high play times.
We have 5 or 6 other players right now.

Just an FYI I do use my admin abilities to summon building materials. I play the game for building. As the admin I will not raid your base or pvp. You have nothing I need.

However you can raid mine anytime, all I have to say is good luck.