[XB1] [US] 1.5k hour Hardcore PvPer seeking aggressive alpha clan

Hi all. 1k hours on PC, 500 hours XB1. I’m currently on an EU official, and I have waged war since launch. I stand for fair play, respect, and diplomatic solutions to problems. Griefers/trolls don’t last long when I’m around. I have wiped a total of 7+ tribes, and 50+ members off of our server. Unfortunately, I am moving from graveyard shift to morning, and will not be able to actively participate in server politics or progression. My clan is the uncontested alpha, and it’s been that way since launch. We have not had a SINGLE trespasser get into our base, and we haven’t had a SINGLE base we tried and then failed to raid. Everyone of my members have went idle, since there is no more competition. We have 9 open map rooms at every obelisk, vault maxed on thick plated legion sets, vault maxed on orbs, and excess of everything you could ever want. I am in a leading role, but I will feel completely comfortable joining and being lead by someone as or more experienced. I know it’s a tall order to fill, and that I expect alot, but I am sure there is a great fit for me out there somewhere!