XBOne Purge Question and Issue

Game mode:Online Private PvE Server
Problem: Bug / Glitch
Region: USA East

Small clan of 10, 4 bases scattered across different regions. We set our Purge to do 12 strikes during a 24 hour cycle on level 5. So far, we have had only 3 attacks over the last 4 days. We see the “RED X” on the map, and we get the warnings of impending attacks, but no on ever shows up. No waves, no exiles or creatures, no loot for us to grab. After the allotted timer runs out, we get the survived an attack message. Its a little disheartening when you see what “SHOULD” happen, but you are left empty handed. Has anyone else experienced this issue/bug or is it already a “known” issue to XBOne S? I haven’t been able to find any assists to read through. :confounded:

it happened to me on single player before release but i figured it would have been fixed. i think this game could have used another 6-9 months in early access