XBOX - 10 Slot Private Looking 4 More

Thanks all for the interest. Currently full.

Is it up all the time or just 8-10? What are the harvest rates and such like?

its up all the time, but we are looking for people that generally play around those times. Everything is default like the Normal PVE Official servers.

Ah ok thanks for the info think im looking for something with at least slightly boosted harvest and such though. I like near default but some things are simply too slow for me like thrall break times

I understand. Were kinda into the grind like on the official servers. :slight_smile: Good luck in your search

Server was just reset 5/10/18. Will not happen again unless there is an issue of some kind.

Vanilla, all settings are same as Official PvE servers.

Laid back, friendly people. So far, all over 30.

Griefers will be banned.

Thanks for looking

Hello, I’m interested in joining your server. I like that it’s a casual PVE and I’m looking for folks who enjoy the game as is, possibly joining together for boss fights and whatnot.
GT: OnMyLastNerve

Hello I would like to join this server. Xbox gamer tag Luis1968
Between 8 and and 10 is when i mostly play as well. gotta work and take care of the kids during the day …
Thank you…

OnMyLastNerve and Luis1968.

Sorry for the delay. I sent you both messages. Will be in touch tonight.

Morning. I’m looking for a server to call home on the Xbox as well. Yours looks like it would fit the bill my gamertag is KnightKeklar. Thanks for the consideration.

Also have a server up all welcome 10 slots official rules server name Official 4450