Xbox - after update the attack buttons no longer work

no matter what I do if I arm my self with any weapons or shields I can the attack and block buttons do anything with them. My controller is working fine since I can use all the triggers in the menus. When I arm myself with the shield the attack controls show up in the RH corner of the screen, with just a weapon and no shield the attack controls do not show up in the RH corner of the screen.

This happened immediately after the update on a private server rented by my friend. No one else on the server has this issue.

Any suggestions?

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I’ve got the same problem on official server #1608

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Same problem here as well, official #1404. Can bring up axe and pick, cannot bring up swords at all. Either way, attack buttons wont work, and I can’t do anything. And as of this morning it keeps force closing as well.

This is happening to me as well i think it is tied to religion are any if you set or yog apoearently those religions have been disabled and i lost my abilities to attack after i used my yog knife on a body i hope they fix this soon im super bummed about this i guess ill have to play solo offline for now till fixed i was hoping to male friends online

I wish support would actually read our ocmments, since it keeps us from playing. I haven’t played for days because of this. So lets hope support actually acknowledges this problem soon and does something.

I play on my buddies server so I finally gave up and recreated my character and leveled up to where I was and rejoined my clan. It worked for a few days but last night I died and my new character lost the controls. Logging in and out I regained use of the right hand and attacks but no left hand for shields/torches/ rope. tonight I died again and lost all control again, restarting and re logging does not help. not sure of my religion I’ll check tomorrow. I’m about ready to give up.

That’s what happened to me as well. Died and then suddenly lost controls for good.

If the server has do not drop equipment on death, then you might encounter this bug. A workaround would be to put everything into inventory, open a large enough chest and transfer everything to it. Close chest, open it up again, take a weapon out of it and try to equip it.

I tried this(many different ways) but no go, thanks for the suggestion.

this has nothing to do with the topic but does the conan exiles on the xbox one have cheats or console commands for people who want to do their own servers?

Zing is correct about the “do not drop equipment on death” I turned it off last night for a minute, removed my bracelet, and upon regeneration came back with full fight controls. problems is I need admin rights or my buddy needs to be on if it happens again. had to do it twice last nights session, can’t wait for the 8th hopefully it gets resolved.

Hasn’t been resolved, this keeps happening to me. Happened on a level 60 char and I had to restart char and then it happened 30. Doesn’t matter what server I am in. Also it doesn’t happen to my friends. What hell is with this?