XBOX clan wars?

What servers do you guys play on? I’m looking for a server that might want to kill some time by having a clan war kind of feel.
My idea is to make a couple of decently defended bases in a neutral area and have a mini clan war. Maybe have some loot in each base to make it more exciting. Maybe like 3 days build time and on the 4th day at a specific time we all log on and go crazy.

I’m thinking lvl 2 walls and lvl 1/2 doors would be the max building lvl. With no explosives. Idk I just need something to do while we wait on this dam update :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:.

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for xbox you will see more community when the game goes live. Start streaming on xbox and see where the community will take you. :slight_smile: If its possible to make a dedicated server for xbox I would reccomend that but most of the playerbase is on pc.

Haha I see that.
I’m going to start streaming pretty soon.
Why do you think a dedicated server it’s better than an official one?

prevent xbone cheaters for those xim 4s since you could program macros in them.