Xbox Combat Crash followed by Bearded Ladies Crash

First fight where Shaman appeared game crashed. Hunter on height jumped down and took low cover behind car near a still unaware Shaman. Tree hugger was selected which would catch both.

Female stalker had top hat and Dux’s crossbow with flame damage and scope. Dux had ancient pistol that also had emp damage.

Dux and Boarman were far side of central elevated position in combat with second Hunter and medbot. Medbot had been hit successfully with emp shot while trying to revive downed butcher. Medbot was in crossfire between Boarman and Dux. In each of the proceeding rounds a smoke grenade had been thrown.

Game was 3rd level difficulty iron Man.

Boarman had run and gun plus additional health and stalker armor, two molatovs, both shotguns. Dux had visor, ancient pistol, stinger and two smoke grenades. Female had crossbow, molatov and smoke grenade plus springing mutation and tree hugger. Dux 1 additional health level, the mutation on far right I think. Memory is failing.

Game crashed on tree hugger move. Game continues to crash now on three bearded Ladies logo. After console restart game failed to start prior to error warning. Second attempt resulted in crash on bearded Ladies again and continued to do so with additional tried.

Attempting reinstall and if unsuccessful will power down and unplug Xbox for some minutes. If all that fails not sure what to do. Reinstall will take approx 90 minutes from this posting.

No complaints though, was having fun playing game which I had access to on a free trial of game pass.

Power down and unplugging got past three bearded Ladies but game still crashed prior to main menu. Second and Third attempts game crashed again at bearded Ladies.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention Quid2Facis, and I’m very sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with the game! Could you please let me know what kind of Xbox you’re playing on? Regular One? Xbox One S? One X?

Regular. I did resolve the problem of getting back into the game ( a network test ). If the crash should happen again it won’t be as long of a delay to try again.