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Without a sustainable harvest farming is useless.

You need to make farming actually useful by each plant producing 1 to 5 seeds depending on species. Some plants will produce a lot of seeds. Some plants will produce a few. I would suggest even bad seed. Maybe you can make funny play on words with bad seed maybe give bad seed to pets and they can mutate who knows. LOL

Some plants won’t produce seeds or decent harvest because you can simply insert the bugs.

To fight the bugs you simply can add some brimstone to the soil.

That would make farming actually worth something.

Here in is the questions

Funcom only:

Does any part of Hong Kong intend on making it so?

How long will it take?

Everyone else:
Agreeable? Yes or no.

Putting 3 plants in a dryer gives you a seed for that plant; you’ll just need bark. Planting the seed gives you 5 of that plant. It starts out slow, but you can have sustainable farming.


I’ve tried that once before and nothing happened. In fact I’ve tried that today with yellow lotus blossoms. I will try again.

Quick update, we tried your method and it seems to work however sometimes only get one seed per one plant. At least that was my case with a bunch of aloe. I had a stack of 99 or something like that.

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