Xbox Conan exiles missing elements

There’s a lot of things that’s missing from this game like some of the soups some of this and some of that but today’s focus is the banner of the dragons.

I get a notation that says it’s supposed to be a feat but it’s not listed under the feet even when I do a search for a dragon and or banner or any combination thereof. Nor have I yet seen it named something else.

Am I completely missing something?

What’s with all the missing objects in this game?

Why is it that when I buy DLC from this particular company and this particular game that I don’t get what I bought? Why are things missing?

I’ve already done purges and reinstall. Purges means getting rid of the Galaxy or having to reinstall it for some reason. Anyway you get the point.

Thanks again have a good day

You mean the specialist cooking recipes? They’re hidden throughout the map, need to find them to unlock it.

You’re either thinking of the Nemedian DLC which gives it as part of the nemedian furniture feat, or the Watcher twitch drops which are no longer available

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I am a bit confused…
Can you take this from the very beginning giving more info about it. For example…
You lost feats that you were able to do?
You use to play on pc, you went Xbox and you see differences?
You buyed a dlc and the content is not full?
Can you help?

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