Xbox, crashing after loading screen

i just bought conan exiles, but every time i try to join a server or make an offline server. It crashes after the loading screen. I haven’t been in the game yet.

does anyone know how to fix it?

the problem is that when i start up a single player. when the loading is done it immeatidly shuts off. I dont see any other screen then the loading screen.

so u never make it to where u can see your character?


check and make sure it’s not updating still or doesn’t need to be updated? if not, then only thing I know is to delete and reinstall and pray.

Sorry, Im clueless.

still thx, but im avoiding reinstalling, i took me 1 and a half day to install

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ok now it sounds like u have a horrible ping rate/internet connection. This should be like 4-6hrs at most IMO

Before reinstalling try network settings and click test network. Even if everything tells you that isn’t the problem.

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