XBOX, Daily server resets

Currently there is one server reset per day, at 0510 server time, on XBOX official servers.
Adding a second Server reset at 1700 (5pm) each day would fix two MAJOR problems with Conan on XBOX.

First there is an occasional glitch where players are unable to join a server. Players who were on the server get to remain on the server until they disconnect or log off, but no new players can join the server. This issue always persists until server reset. Adding the server reset at 1700 would ensure this issue never persists through raid time.

Second, I’m sure you are aware of the Exploit that enables thralls to have in excess of a 300% damage multiplier by raid time and stacking until server reset. This is an Exploit you currently ban players for utilizing (and rightfully so), however banning 1 or 2 players does not undo the damage they can cause to some of your dedicated players who can lose months of work and dozens of thralls to 2 people in one raid period. This forces players who would rather not cheat to break the rules and use the exploit them selves to counter others who might be exploiting, risking ban themselves. Once again resting the server daily at 1700 (right before raid time) would be a quick fix to this issue, as that would undo the exploit.

(If you are unsure of the exploit referred to above please contact me for further details)

When I ran servers for ark I could program resets as many times as I wanted and it only took 5 min. This would be a super easy bandaid solution to some major issues that are plaguing Conan Exiles for XBOX. Its hard for me as a casual player to compete with dedicated players who exploit. Its also hard for me to recommend a game to my friends when they get demolished by exploiters as soon as they step on a server.

For your information, some players have already taken this fix into their own hands by way of force crashing your servers at 1700. Another exploit, but one that when used appropriately can fix a lot of problems.

Please seriously take this into consideration.

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Does funcom even care about the forum anymore?

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