Xbox Gamepass / PC / X BOX seris X

Sorry for stupid question.
So, i am playing conan exiles on my PC via xboxgame pass (not STEAM).
My friends wanna join.
They have xbox series x as device, and xbox gamepass as subscription.
My question is : can we play together? (on different devices but on the same subscription like gamepass)
I repeat, NO STEAM.
I know conan is not cross platform when it comes to PC STEAM Version and other platforms.
Just gamepass on different devices.
Thank you.


Gamepass pc is the pc version. Gamepass pc, steam, and epic all are crossplay with each other because they’re all pc. The only way to crossplay with xbox is either to play physically on an xbox, or via cloud streaming as it streams the xbox version

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On Playstation when we choose single player and start the game, we get a choise question, single player or activate Co op. If you’ll activate co op your friend can join in your single player world, but he can play only when you can. That’s why on a server is better.

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