Xbox Hotfix (13-12-2019) - Crash fix

Greeting Exiles,

We’re releasing a hotfix covering the OOM crashes affecting the Xbox One version of the game introduced in the latest update.

Thanks for your support and understanding.


  • Fixed an platform-specific out of memory crash.


Thank youuuuu!!!

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Thank you all for the great work.

Happy Holidays.

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Please can you fix the settings not being saved, had the issue since I bought the game in March.
Was told you were looking into it, also been mentioned from PS4 and PC players.

My recent post on the matter:

Settings Are Not Being Saved





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When did the update drop I’m still crashing or has it not dropped yet

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Update is out. It’s 24gb to update. Most of my friend have Xbox One X and no issues of crashing. I’m on my way to buy a new Xbox One X for Conan only. Absolutely love this game. Merry Christmas to myself!!

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Yea fix the saved settings so I dont have to keep changing the sorted settings!!!

It seems to work at first try :slight_smile:

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Yaaaaaaaaay!! Tytytytyty😀

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Thank you! So happy to be able to play again.


Thanks hope it works.

My Xbox won’t download the patch automatically. So where the hell is it? I can’t play if I don’t have the patch…

I can’t even find the patch on my Xbox

My Xbox says, A required patch is available. Please upgrade to access online features. I already own the game and now the mount update. So what the hell…

Now I’ve tried again, and it’s still crashing/dashboarding.

Post update i seem to not have had any issues so far but friends are crashing still quite alot, anyone else still experiencing crashing ? I haven’t put much play time in so far I’ve only done a bat caves run and been sorting thralls around base out with gear as i kept crashing trying to do pre patch.

Friends are crashing seemingly random, while doing actions and while doing nothing atall.

Will update my personal findings when ive had more time logged.

Any fix for the single player co-op crashing? Every single time no matter who hosts the coop single player won’t let friends join. Please help we love your game but this is very frustrating we all have the season pass and want to play with the new content.

I’m still experiencing it. I log in on a server, and wait aprox. 10 sec, then the crash/dashboarding happens.

You didnt fix anything . You have so manys bugs that you have yet to fix . Yet you still push out dlc . Fix all the bugs before you put out more dlc .