Xbox Hotfix (14.6.2018)


update, ive tried SEVEN TIMES to load into my world.
all i got was SEVEN CRASHES.

I dont want to start a new world because i spent a very long time and a lot of effort into this world…

please do a rollback…


Starting over now would be a nightmare lol you can’t just run around the map naked leveling back up to 60 anymore.


It Broken the game again it dash boarded kick again and now people have build just out side my base …


What a surprise.
Another update and more problems.
Time to move on.


Hello ive had a glich happening for 5 days on official sever #2960 PVP xbox on wher I cant join the server I can join others but not my main when I I try to join it loads just about done loading then puts me back into the main menu and just says pending connection failure is there anything you can do like refresh the server or something I’ve tried everything I can on my side anything you can do will help out alot



Dont they have a community manager that is supposed to reply on this forum every now and then? #Funcom


Can we get another patch. Because now it crashes Everytime in first 30 seconds of game play… I have tried to many times in a row to try anymore until there is another patch


Let’s wait for the mayor update. Hope it fixes the big crashes. Any ETA for it??


Damn my game doesnt even get that far anymore… used to have a crash every 10minutes or so. now i cant get in the game at all…


I haven’t had any issues with the game crashing on me since the update.


turns out it was a conflict with the full nudity dlc that caused my single player to not work


I’m having the same damn issue… it’s irritating


I have noticed that if you have more than one type of food in the wheel (say shrimp and lobster) when the food being used runs out, instead of switching over the wheel stops until you start it again. Not sure if this is what you are experiencing but that’s what stops mine when I’m offline.


Nope, the entire wheel is capped out with gruel.


How long do you play for, is it 5+ hours at a time? Which Xbox do you have? Disconnects are seriously frustrating but I have been logging off and on myself every hour or so to beat the game at logging me off. Would be fantastic to not do that anymore.


Save Game is gone. Every Time i try to load my Single Player Save, the game is returning to the Dash Board. No Mistake is been on Screen…just returning to Dash Board. I throw the game from HDD and installed it new. With or without Update doesnt matter. Save Game is not loading. Hundred of playing Hours… gone!!!

Last Time that happened was 20 Years ago with “terror from the deep” and i put a sword through my Playstation 1.

Please… dont let me do that again with the xbox one and specialy this game.
Is there any way to get back the Save point or an earlier one?

its a very good game and i can see over a lot of little mistakes. doesnt matter. but my hundreds of playing ours… that hurts deep


i had to restart my save but since i lost it do to a bug i said the heck with it a rebuilt my stuff using admin panel. I noticed that the issue seemed to be in the full nudity dlc for me. one i restarted a new single player game and removed the dlc it has been working fine for me. maybe check your dlcs individually before resorting to restarting.


Constant disconnects on official servers now sometimes dashboard sometimes main screen but its worse now and the rubberbanding is getting riddiculoua i have 30 ping shouldnt be happeniing


Havent played since the update, but il try later today and see if removing the nudity dlc works would be wierd tho if that causes the crashes


Hard reset; didnt work
removing nudity dlc then hard reset; didnt work
turning down resolution to 720p; trying

i can actually hear my char opening the menu when i press the menu buttons when thebgeam is nearly loaded